Trips Worth Saving For

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I know exciting travel is a long way off for most of us.  With the pandemic still in full swing, it’s hard to imagine a time of free travel all over the world.  Some countries may take longer to recover than others – so it’s best not to make super rigid plans.  Flexibility will be your friend when it comes to planning your next trip abroad.

First thing to consider will be finances.  Certain places may be off limits due to cost of travel – lower amounts of people and flights going could push up the prices from our expectations of the heyday of international jet setting. The USA is probably still achievable – due to business purposes it’s pretty likely there will be regular connections between New York and Los Angeles at the very least.

Maybe that means we do less “connecting” travel and just holiday in the destinations at the end of the flight path.  If you are looking for a fun summer holiday you couldn’t go far wrong with California – it’s got something for everybody – from stunning beaches, theme parks, famous landmarks and sightseeing to spas, vineyards and ski resorts – it really is a whole continent in one state.  I think if I was planning a big special holiday post covid – California would be top of my list and I’d certainly run out of time to do all the cool things you can do there.  I would definitely have to prioritise what I could get round and get to easily – perhaps staying in a few different places over a 2-3 week period.  

  • Eating in beachside restaurants in Malibu looking uber cool shaded up and sipping local wine and seafood.
  • Visiting Napa Valley and indulging in some wine tasting a la “Sideways” the movie.
  • Hanging out on Venice Beach with the artisans and musicians – maybe taking in an al fresco yoga class or roller skating.
  • Taking in some live music of upcoming bands or legendary acts we don’t get in Europe much.  
  • Being a mall rat for the day and sinking some dollars on American brands such as Abercrombie, GAP, Sephora (no in fact just spending the day in Sephora!)
  • Spending some time in San Francisco soaking up the vibes, cocktails and jazz in the evening.
  • Taking a tour of “Old Hollywood” where the silver screen legends used to frequent.
  • Driving down a palm tree lined boulevard in an open top cadillac.

So looks like I’m saving for a trip to California then!

I think another really popular destination holiday could be safari holidays to places like Tanzania and Zanzibar.  It’s a really unique type of holiday that will make long lasting memories.  Tanzania is particularly special in that it is home to two defining landmarks of the African continent – Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti, so a trip to Tanzania could take in both of these epic locations and you can learn so much about the animals and the ecosystems whilst enjoying the trip of a lifetime! 

It’s not the sort of holiday you would want to do on a budget as there are many parts that require organising through the operator – such as safari transport, the various centres to camp at, the food prepared safely and hygienically and having on hand qualified specialists and experts in the region, the animals and the terrain.  There’s also some extra faff involved in getting from your location, to the nearest airport and then onward to your destination so again one of these holidays that is best done over an extended period of 2-3 weeks to get the best out of the trip.  Be sure to take a good camera you don’t want to miss out on some of the fabulous picture taking opportunities – from large Serengeti predators to small local wildlife, the delicacies and the night sky – it’s a photographer’s dream holiday!

Where would you go with an unlimited budget?!

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