What to Do with Unwanted Christmas Gifts

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According to recent research, Brits have spent more on Christmas presents this year, with the average gift costing an estimated £28.70. This translates into a £13 million boost for the economy, which in turn has resulted in a buoyant festive period for households throughout the UK. With this in mind, you may be wondering what to do with all of the expensive Christmas gifts that aren’t really your cup of tea.

Swap Personalised Products and Engraved Jewellery

One of the most prominent trends in the contemporary gift market is customisation, which enables you to purchase products and personalise them for the intended recipient. This is particularly prominent in the jewellery market, when pendants, bracelets and anklets can all be engraved with a name. Interestingly, this gift idea has also become more affordable as demand has soared, with a number of jewellers having integrated the service into their existing business model. If you received a personal jewellery gift this year you may find it difficult to sell it especially if it is engraved with your name but you never know who may be looking for this very thing. If you don’t love the personalised mug or bracelet that you received for Christmas this year and can’t sell it, swap it on the site where you can swap anything.

Re-Gift Gemstone Jewellery

Jewellery is a personal gift and even the most gorgeous jewellery gifts may not suit the recipient’s taste. If you won’t wear it but know someone who would, this is the ideal present to re-gift throughout the year. Store these luxurious gifts away somewhere safe and give them to friends and family for a special occasion. However, if you’ve been gifted a particularly stunning piece of gemstone jewellery, for example from the site Zayah, you won’t want to give it away to anyone!

Sell Gift Experiences

In many ways, the ideal gift is one that keeps on giving and provides the recipient with a lifetime of potential memories. If you don’t like the idea of getting behind the wheel of a supercar or doing a skydive, then a gift experience may not be for you. However, if you don’t want the experience to go to waste, sell it on an online auction site and use the money you receive to buy something nice that you will actually benefit from. There’s nothing wrong with finding an unwanted gift a better home!

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