Vita-cure your cellulite

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Vita Cura® Triple Action Slimming Body Cream contains a unique patented system – Caffeine, Coenzyme A and Bupleurum are blended together to create a 3 way fast combusting power lotion!  But what are these ingredients with fancy names?

Well caffeine as we know tastes great mixed with a little foam and sugar but did you know that caffeine has a powerful topical effect and works with the body’s own enzymes to break down fat.

Coenzyme A – A natural coenzyme in your skin, this additional supplement speeds up lipolysis and fat breakdown.  Known to be a stand out ingredient in the fight against cellulite.

Bupleurum – An ancient Chinese herb.  Studies have shown it prompts lipolysis (the process of breaking down stored fat) and heightens Cylic AMP levels (an enzyme that’s instrumental in breaking down fat)

Other fabulous ingredients – grapefruit, spearmint, peppermint, and corn mint to stimulate circulation.

*Improves body contours
*Combats Cellulite – Reduces “orange Peel” Appearance up to 80%
*Firms & Tones Skin


Clinical studies demonstrated that flabbiness of skin decreased by 27.5% after 2 months of twice daily application.

 237mls £32.50 and can be bought from Repechage’s website

Simply Woman says;

This product requires a bit of commitment, making sure you slather on twice a day in a busy lifestyle can be time consuming as you have to massage it in well to ensure the active ingredients penetrate the epidermis.  Initial results look promising however – a great product for small areas of cellulite such as the backs/insides of thighs, bottom (although giving yourself a good bottom massage can be a little tricky if you have short arms or a long torso! )

The inclusion of caffeine is a classic cellulite buster but the real magic ingredient here is the Bupleurum which promises to break down stored fat.  Most regular high street cellulite creams/lotions don’t contain this ingredient so the product maintains a high-end status.

A further review is to follow when I get settled in my new flat and can remember to apply morning and evening!  Currently moving house has stripped me of my ability to remember to moisturise and it’s best this product is applied after bathing.  I do generally feel my cellulite is beyond help and there is only so much a cream can do – improving the appearance is one thing but it is important not to forget a healthy diet – alcohol, cigarettes and high sugar diet will not allow the product to do its best job!  Cellulite is also formed by sluggish circulatory system so important to get moving every day to tone and firm the area as well.

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