Well Paid Job or Job Satisfaction – Which is More Important?

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How many times have you discussed this very topic over coffee with friends or family? All around the world it is a common topic of conversation and opinions differ enormously. What do you think? Would you prefer people to be impressed with your chosen career because it is interesting? Or would you rather they were amazed when you told them how much you earned? What would you prefer for yourself? Is it better to end your working day with a smile on your face because you’ve enjoyed every minute of it? Or would you rather be in a position to be able to holiday in the Bahamas a couple of times a year, and park the latest sports car in your driveway? There are pros and cons to all these scenarios. Ideally, you want a job that is interesting and also provides you with an income big enough so that you can live relatively comfortably. Let’s try and help you decide which is the best for yourself by looking at each option in turn.

The Advantages of a High Paid Job

The most obvious advantage is the money. Get yourself an executive position in a large company or one of the top paying hospital jobs, and you’ll have no worries about money. Your income will be a disposable one, and you’ll be able to afford exotic holidays, fancy cars and the latest technology.

A certain amount of respect also comes with a high salaried job. Doctors and surgeons, for example, are respected because of the service they provide for the community. With a high position, there also comes power and prestige.

The Disadvantages of a Well-Paid Job

There are many downsides to choosing a well-paid job.

High paid jobs usually require certain qualifications. To get these qualifications you will have to study for several years and pass many exams. The increased time spent studying means you will be late in starting your career.

There tends to be a greater demand for longer working hours if you choose a job with a high salary. A company that pays an employee a large amount of money will expect a lot in return. There will be assignments with tight deadlines and extreme work pressure. You will also be expected to be on call 24 hours a day.

Many high paid jobs include extras such as a top of the range laptop, mobile phone, and unlimited internet access. Which of course means you’re going to be expected to give up some of your own time. Your employer will be able to hand out assignments whenever they want to. You’ll be duty-bound to work from home if required.

Family life and high salaries do not make good bedfellows. The increased amount of work and pressure will mean your family relationships suffer. There’s not enough time in the day to commit to them both equally.

The increased pressure you’re under will mean your health is likely to suffer. Stress, tension, lack of sleep, poor eating habits and many other problems regularly affect those who are in top positions.

A certain level of fear is associated with a high paid job. There is always a high risk of falling from such high positions. Together with the fear of losing a job comes the fear of a fall in lifestyle. It is easy to become accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. The diminishing way of life that can sometimes result from becoming jobless is a very frightening proposition for many people.

The Pros and Cons of Opting for Job Satisfaction and Comfort

Job satisfaction is not the easiest goal to achieve. It is something many people aspire to, but such a job can be both a blessing and a curse. If you’re comfortable in your choice of career, it means security and the chance of advancement. However, it can also mean you become bored, depressed and find yourself questioning whether your life has meaning, value or purpose.

The Benefits of Job Comfort

Having a job in which you feel comfortable means you can enjoy job security. In turn, this means you will be less anxious. You won’t need to worry about losing your job or stress about over-performing. Every day at work will be one which passes with relative ease. There will be no repercussions if you voice your opinion.

Job comfort usually means you get along with those you work with. A day at work is not something you look forward to with trepidation. Instead, you look forward to joking with your colleagues and getting on with the tasks of the day. Not having to worry about your co-workers means you will be more productive, happier and healthier.

When you are satisfied at work, you will find yourself with more energy and enthusiasm to work on other projects and enjoy interests away from work.

The Downside of Job Satisfaction

The most obvious downside is that you may have to settle for a much lower wage than you’d like. Enjoyable jobs are not always the highest paid. Aside from this, there are very few disadvantages of choosing job satisfaction over high salary.

One limitation worth mentioning is that you may find yourself unwilling to leave your comfort zone. You won’t be happy trying something new and will only accept tasks you’re used to doing. People who experience job satisfaction, often find themselves stuck in a rut and afraid to challenge themselves, just in case the status quo is upset.

However you choose to look at the dilemma, research has shown that people who are satisfied with their jobs are much happier and more content. Choosing a job with a high salary does not automatically lead to happiness. There are many downsides to choosing a well-paid job, but few to choosing a job that leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction. In today’s world, we are too tied up with material possessions and spending our money on the latest things. Perhaps we should be looking at what truly makes us happy and directing our efforts in more fruitful directions.

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