What Not To Say When Asking For A Raise – Part 1

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In the fourth article of our finance and business savvy series, the experts at Finance reveal the statements to avoid when discussing pay at work. An idyllic scenario would be your boss noticing your hard work and rewarding you accordingly, however the reality is this is often not the case. Don’t be among the many who allow the issue of asking for a pay rise to push them out of their comfort zone.

Here’s what not to say:

1) But they’re having a sale!
Regardless of what minor purchases or major must-haves you require, your personal situation doesn’t validate why you deserve a salary increase. Instead, present what you can achieve outside your job remit and more importantly, how this will benefit the company as a whole.

2) I just don’t care
It’s always wise to be mindful of the company’s financial situation. Have you just lost a big client? Has an order fallen through? Asking for a raise at this time may be interpreted as tactless. A raise should always be aligned with the company’s best interests.

3) It was 1999 when I last received a raise
If we’re honest, time is irrelevant. To be granted a well-deserved pay rise, it is vital your job role has evolved and that the tasks you complete on a daily basis have become an integral part in work place operations.

4) I’m juggling many balls
Do you sometimes feel like you’re doing the job of 2 or 3 people? Chances are your boss hasn’t noticed. Everyone has their own worries and it can be difficult to notice what has become the norm. Though we may feel shouting about our achievements may be deemed ‘braggy’ it is vital you effectively communicate where you’ve surpassed your usual role. This will open the gates organically for talking about a pay rise as your peers’ thoughts will primarily be, ‘I have already seen they deserve it.’

5) Well I spoke to this recruitment agent and….
This is an undisputed way to get your boss’s back up. Voicing that you’ve been speaking to a recruitment agent will set in stone that you have lost loyalty to your employer. Remember also that recruitment agents are paid to get you a better deal, so of course they’ll state they will up your salary.

In next week’s feature – ‘Part 2 of ‘How not to get a pay rise.’

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