What Would Be Your Holiday of A Lifetime?

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Are you a traditional hedonist? Luxury and glamour oozing out of every corner or do you prefer something more adventurous – something you would probably never think of doing but the opportunity to make memories is so strong!

Something like the Luxury Villa Mimi in Mallorca could tick all the boxes when it comes to uber luxury on your once in a lifetime holiday. The views alone could keep your iPhone camera chocka block with sunsets (and sunrises if you stay up late enough!)

Palatial style bedrooms and living rooms make this a special place to spend any time indoors – from brunch around the breakfast bar to midnight snacks watching a cheesy film, having a musicals evening or just a lazy morning in bed – you won’t feel *too* guilty for spending time indoors.

The real magic happens outside though. Think breezy balcony breakfasts after an invigorating swim in the pool – tables adorned with fresh local fruits, pastries and enough coffee to fuel Vogue offices. Sitting around with your favourite people – chit chatting nonsense…nowhere to be – nothing to show up for. No need for makeup or fancy clothes – just your pool outfit for the day. Make it selfie fabulous though 馃檪 This is not the kind of holiday you will get away with being radio silent on social media for – EVERYONE back home NEEDS to know how much of a fabulous time you are having!

A day by the pool couldn’t be any more chilled. There’s those people who like to just sunbathe and sip cocktails and have the occasional dip in the pool to cool off (without messing up the hair of course) – then there’s your boisterous pool “players” who brought the water pistols and beach balls. The athletic folks like to be in the pool doing lengths more than they prefer loafing in the sun – it’s everyone’s careful balance of both that makes a great pool day. Not to mention the sneaky fun of tossing in the glamourpuss headfirst into the pool. If you are brave enough!

As the sun goes down, it’s time to bid adieu to the pool and look at your evening options, dinner al fresco of course – but at the villa or in town? Followed by a fun fueled sesh in one of the fabulous Mallorcan towns.

Whatever your experience at a luxury villa, it certainly will not be forgotten much in the lifetimes of your buddies.

Or maybe this all sounds a bit tame and adventures await around the corner for you? Further afield, with a smaller group you could explore the Galapagos Islands on a private yacht tour – somewhere the majority of people will never experience. Swim and snorkle or scuba with some of the most diverse animals in the world and see nature at it’s absolute finest. Not only that but you could include a detour on the way home – to get back from the Galapagos you fly into Ecuador where you can experience a half day learning about and creating chocolate from “bean to bar” This isn’t any old Cadbury’s chocolate – we are talking about luxury unrefined chocolate direct from the plantation. Halfway across the world there are many interesting experiences to be had – which would you choose?


Monday 路 April 6th
Half Day Tour of Quito w/Lunch

Tuesday 路 April 7th
Transfer in, Flight from Quito to San Crist贸bal, Embarque on the Elite Yacht
AM: Arrival to San Cristobal Airport and Transfer to the boat
PM: San Cristobal: Kicker Rock

Wednesday 路 April 8th
AM: Espa帽ola: Suarez Point
PM: Espa帽ola: Gardner Bay / Gardner Islet

Thursday 路 April 9th
AM: Floreana Island: Post Office Bay / Baroness Viewing Point
PM: Floreana Island: Cormorant Point / Champion Islet

Friday 路 April 10th
Highlands Tour with Pikaia Lodge
Pikaia Lodge (1 night)

Saturday 路 April 11th
Hacienda La Danesa | Charming Farmhouse & Lodge (2 nights). Flight from Galapagos to Guayaquil (1 hours, 50 minutes). Dinner at Hacienda Danesa

Sunday 路 April 12th
AM – Hacienda La Danesa Cacao & Chocolate Experience
AM – River Tubing in Naranjito
Lunch at Hacienda Danesa
PM – Horseback Riding

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