From the Desert to The Deep Blue Sea

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Adventures to lands beyond your wildest imagination.

Many of us with wanderlust have been feeling like caged animals in the last couple of years due to the pandemic. It used to be the easiest thing in the world to jump on a plane to some deeply isolated spot somewhere on the planet – but we’ve been lucky if we can nip down to Devon these days. When we do we are at the back of a very long queue of traffic – all wiating to access the same beauty spot.

For most people now – it’s forward planning for that big adventure – so why not go big (or go home!) You can’t get much bigger than a trip to the last wildernesses on our planet, places like Alaska and Africa still hold many wonders to be experienced by the intrepid adventurer!

Let’s take a look at Africa first – in particular the Kalahari Desert. Spanning three African countries – the Kalahari is not much like a desert – in fact it does receive some rainfall therefore the terrain is much more akin to a savanna than a “typical desert” The flora and fauna are abundant and the landscape – with its oranges, deep reds and bone yellows is captivating in the daytime. Just wait till the stars come out and you can see clearly deep into space – with no light pollution. Modern adventurers are met with many of the comforts of home whilst coming up close and personal with nature.

Each year, elephants migrate across the Kalahari desert – and the landscape is the perfect contrast to the better known wilderness areas in the north. The views sweeping out over an immense pan are quite extraordinary.

The Elephant Trail Experience through True Travel has got to be high on the list of an animal lovers dream holiday – going on a safari route that follows a route the elephants take in search of water. Imagine trailing nocturnal animals at night, observing their behaviours and routine, or taking a boat up river to see the water based creatures ducking and diving for food. These sorts of safaris you pay many thousands for are generally pretty luxurious – number one on the list for me would have to be bug management.

Perhaps I’d be better off at the other end of the earth – in the artic wilderness that is Alaska Alone with the humpback whales and the playful dolphins. Not many bugs around there (but watch out for the polar bears) Travel company “All Roads North” specialise in such luxury arctic adventures – providing wilderness lodges from which to be able to explore aquamarine glaciers, steep-walled fjords, majestic grizzlies, endless snow-capped mountain ranges, and breaching humpbacks; there’s such an abundance of ‘bucket-list’ Alaska experiences spread across such a vast geography that it can be overwhelming. 

Why not pick out an “accessible by air only” lodge – for that true wilderness appeal? Take a group of huskies out for a mushing experience with a trained musher and have the beautiful catered lodge to come back to in the evening to get warm, eat amazing food and even play the piano.

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