When Apartments are Better than Hotels While Traveling

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According to statistics provided by the US Travel Association, more than 2.2 billion individual domestic trips occurred in 2017. Whether for business or personal reasons, the fact of the matter is that these figures are on the rise. Why are a growing number of travelers choosing apartments as opposed to standard hotels and what do these premises have to offer? The answers to this question might come as a bit of a surprise.

Excellent for Busy and Interesting Neighbourhoods

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are planning to travel abroad in the near future. One primary advantage associated with apartments is that they are conveniently located within the confines of popular urban districts. This is particularly advantageous of you happen to be visiting an unfamiliar area such as Glasgow or Edinburgh. For instance, boutique properties such as The City Suites provide a host of serviced apartments based upon the sole needs of the guest in question. As major attractions will be just around the corner, it has never been easier to soak up the local sights.

Great Options When Staying for Longer Than Five Days

Apartments tend to be let for a block of days as opposed to 24 hours at a time. This is very convenient if you happen to be staying for longer than five days. Not only will you be able to obtain amenable rates, but you can rest assured that common concerns such as wireless Internet and housekeeping are always available. As opposed to shuffling between hotels (and different price ranges), apartments are a great choice.

Family-Friendly Accommodations

Hotels can often be cramped and rather impersonal; particularly during the busier times of the years such as summer and around the holidays. As online holiday guru The Travel Shack notes, the extra privacy associated with apartments is great if you happen to be traveling with your family. Indeed, these properties are able to feel like a “home away from home”. This is an excellent benefit if children are coming along for the ride. As professional staff are appreciative of your needs, extra options such as en-suite toiletries and fully equipped kitchens are also a reality. The same cannot always be said for the typical hotel.

Space, Choices and Flexibility

By their very nature, serviced apartments will provide you with a greater amount of space. While obviously important for families, this quality is just as pertinent if you happen to be on a business trip and you need to get some work done during your stay. One-, two-, and three-bedroom properties are often available and this sense of flexibility is likewise able to accommodate a wide variety of budgets.

Staying at a serviced apartment will enable you to travel in style while still obtaining a bit of much-needed relaxation. If you would like to learn other female-friendly advice and suggestions involving travel and a host of other categories, please feel free to follow Simply Woman online magazine at your leisure.

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