Why Italy is more than just pizza and pasta

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When someone mentions Italy, what’s the first thing to come to mind? Pizza? Pasta? The Leaning Tower of Pisa? There is so much more to the country than those things. Read on to find out what else Italy is famous for and reasons why you ought to visit.

Beautiful Beaches

Italy boasts an impressive 5000 miles of charming coastline. In fact, out of the twenty Italian regions, only Umbria is entirely inland. The mild climate throughout the south of the country allows visits to the beach almost all year round. Who doesn’t enjoy a paddle in the sea? What’s more, choosing an Italy yacht charter is another superb option to investigate the incredible coast and the Mediterranean Sea.

Luscious Lakes

Lake Garda is possibly the most famous of Italy’s lakes and it is not surprising to understand why that is. The area is spectacular with hills to the south and steep cliffs to the north. It is the largest of Italy’s lakes making it the most diverse, offering something for everyone. From windsurfing to mountain biking, sunbathing to bird watching, there is so much to do. Lakes Como, Maggiore and Orta also attract a large number of tourists each year, each characterised by its stunning natural beauty.

Amazing Art and Architecture

Whether you class yourself as an art critic or not, it would be impossible to avoid the impressive art that is intrinsic to Italy’s culture and history. The Sistine chapel, home to Michelangelo’s ceiling paintings, can be found in the Vatican City and, although incredibly popular, it is definitely something not to be missed if you are in the area.

The Roman colosseum is another must-see attraction, as well as the Arch of Constantine, which sits just outside. Commissioned by Emperor Vespasian in AD 72, this building is huge

Vanishing Venice

Despite claims that it smells of sewers, many people continue to add Venice to their bucket list. Perhaps due to the fact that the city will not be around forever because of rising water levels. Venice is steeped in history and culture and one of our top European city break destinations. Doge’s Palace is a must-see for any history or art enthusiast. If you’re keen to escape the hustle and bustle that is expected with Venice, take a short ride on a vaporetto (water bus) to the Lido di Venezia where you can discover the perfect place to sunbathe, along with numerous bars.

Spectacular Skiing

Italy has many ski resorts in both the Alps and Dolomites, with significantly lower prices than its neighbours. For beginners, the resort of Livigno is ideal. There are many runs on two different mountains plus a ski school and night skiing for the more adventurous. Those who are more experienced may find the Val Gardena resorts more suitable.

And while Italy certainly shouldn’t solely be thought of as the place to go for pasta and pizza, those things must be sampled while you’re there. Let’s fact it, it would be difficult to avoid them! The food in Italy can be exceptional, but as you’ve read above, so can many other things.  

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