Wines Savvy Is A Swipe Away With The Vivino App

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Vivino, the world’s most downloaded wine searcher app, with 16 million users worldwide, allows subscribers to scan in a wine’s label to access a library of ratings, crowd sourced from wine lovers of every level of knowledge. Less than 1 million users in the UK use this app to keep on top of their wine itinerary, a figure that Vivino is hoping to exceed by August this year. Because the wine reviews and recommendations come from people at all levels of wine expertise, you never feel talked down to or out of your depth by complicated wordage.

Here’s a sample of what this wonder app can do:
· Provide reviews for your choice of wine, plus recommend alternatives
· Scan wine lists or groups of bottles for comparison
· Allow you to create your own wine lists
· It is location based i.e. it can recommend nearby wine selling venues, their addresses and approximate distances from your locality.

In short the Vivino app takes the guesswork out of wine, and also serves as an up to date educational and reference tool. Best of all it is free to download here from the Apple Store, Google Play and for Windows Phone. When you join the site, you will also receive updates with latest wines and ratings from the registered wine community, plus news of wine promotions and offers, and much more.

Vivino App Facts
· Vivino features over 8 million worldwide wines.

· Vivino data has found that rosé is set to dominate summer, ahead of prosecco, following a 20% year on year increase in rosé ratings.

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