Your Guide to Picking Personalised Jewellery

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Jewellery is definitely one great way to add colour, style and interest to an outfit. A simple outfit, such as jeans and a white blouse or the classic little black dress, can look very different when paired with various jewellery items. Since jewellery remains normal through things like bodily weight changes and doesn’t require as much maintenance as clothing, it can be kept for a long time with the right care. Unlike most types of apparel, jewellery can also be quite valuable and it is often extremely durable, making investing in custom jewellery less of a risk than putting your money towards an expensive wardrobe.

Why Choose Custom Jewellery?

There is a wide array of beautiful jewellery items for sale, however, many people enjoy the idea of having a jewellery piece that nobody else has, for example these custom rings available from Some jewellery shoppers may be looking to design a unique piece which has a special meaning personal to them, whilst others could simply be looking for a wearable piece of art that they can be sure nobody else in the world owns.

Personalised Jewellery

Personalised jewellery is where the piece is marked with the wearer’s name or initials. This is especially common in necklaces, with many jewellery stores offering gold, silver and costume jewellery style chains and necklaces with an initial charm. Some will also offer names, although if you have a rare or unique name, it’s likely that you will need to have your jewellery custom or hand made. Personalised jewellery is also popular when it comes to engraved pieces, with the option to engrave your name or initials into a ring or bracelet. Since engraved jewellery can be customized to any name or message that you want, it is an ideal option for gifting jewellery to somebody special in your life.

Bead and Charm Jewellery

Beads and charms are one of the most convenient ways to put together customised jewellery. Charm bracelets are hugely popular with women and girls of all ages, and there are some jewellery chains which offer charm bracelets for men. When choosing custom jewellery in the form of a charm bracelet, you will be able to design your own, unique bracelet by choosing the type of chain that you want and then selecting from an array of charms which are then threaded onto the plain bracelet. Or, you may be able to design your own charms, for a truly unique and customised piece.

Custom Designed

If you are looking for a piece that is absolutely unique and no components of it are the same as any other jewellery in the world, you will need to go for custom designed jewellery which is made from scratch. This type of jewellery is often more expensive than the other two options and is made from a design or idea which is provided by yourself. If you are looking for made-to-order jewellery, it’s essential to place your order a few months in advance to make sure that the manufacturers have enough time to make the piece.

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