How to Keep Cool in Spring and Summer

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Finally! After what seems like an age, spring is finally here, almost in time to be summer. The rising temperatures and the retreating ice and snow are here to be enjoyed – but we contrary humans being what we are, we will soon be feeling too hot and sticky, especially when the weather turns humid. Here, then, are a few tips to stay cool as a cucumber at home and at work when the weather heats up…

Cool at home

At home, things can quickly get uncomfortably stuffy, especially in the UK, where homes are designed and built to stay cozy and dry in the cool and wet British climate. Flinging the windows open is our first instinct when the spring arrives, but soon you merely end up letting warm air in to displace the cooler indoor atmosphere. So the challenge is to square the circle by keeping the heat out and the cool in. Installing window air conditioning units can help a lot, and draught proofing is just as good at keeping coolness in during the summertime as it is keeping your home toasty in the winter.

Cool at work

At the office, work can quickly become a sweltering nightmare, especially for the many work premises that are based in older buildings and do not have air conditioning as standard. Desk fans are of course one way to keep the air fresh, but these are noisy, energy intensive and often impractical in offices with lots of paperwork. The answer for many small and medium-sized enterprises is portable air conditioner hire, which gives a workplace all the comforts and advantages of aircon, but only when and where you need it.

Cool on the move

What about ourselves? Travelling about, especially on public transport, can be a grim and sweaty affair in the summertime, and it’s nice to arrive at your destination feeling cool and fresh. The old cold water over the wrists really works – for maximum effectiveness put an ice cube in a flannel and press to the wrists. You should also seek out breezes and let the sweat work for you, evaporating in the air currents and drawing away the heat. Finally – and this might sound obvious! – dress as lightly as possible!

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