10 great nightlife hotspots for a girls’ night out

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We all deserve a great night out from time to time, but it isn’t always obvious where you should head with friends. Well, we thought we would make it easier for you by spotlighting just 10 of the cities around the world with the best venues for women wanting to let their hair down after hours.

  1. London, UK

The recent news – as reported by the likes of The Guardian – that one of London’s most celebrated clubs, Fabric is set to close permanently shouldn’t dampen your enthusiasm for the English capital. Whether in happening Hackney or the glitzy West End, the metropolis has no shortage of incredible venues for a get-together with the girls, encompassing fine pubs, restaurants, theatres, rooftop bars and many more.

  1. Las Vegas, USA

‘Sin City’ is the place to go for a simply incomparable girls’ night out – you’ll find punters from every part of society blowing their hard-earned in those world-famous casinos. Head to the southern end of the Strip for the very best action.

  1. Sao Paulo, Brazil

It may not be as pretty, glamorous or obvious a nightlife destination as Rio de Janeiro, but Sao Paulo is most definitely a nightlife destination, offering some of Brazil’s  richest by-night cultural experiences. You won’t find many more intense or diverse nightlife scenes anywhere on Earth.

  1. Berlin, Germany

Berliners’ ‘anything goes’ attitude makes their city a fine focal point for a no-holds-barred night out, even before you consider that it is home to the iconic superclub, Berghain. The Soviet-themed and unashamedly kitsch CCCP Bar is another of the city’s venues that simply has to be experienced.


  1. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza isn’t just a place for girls’ nights out, also serving as a go-to spot for daytime beach parties and evening hotel bars as part of a truly continuous hedonistic experience. You’ll want to make quite the action-packed holiday out of this one, and don’t expect much sleep.

  1. St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg isn’t known as Russia’s “window to Europe” for nothing – it really is the country’s liberal and cultural epicentre, with a torrent of new and trendy nightspots opening each year. Expect the drinking and clubbing to not relent until dusk.

  1. Beirut, Lebanon

Although it is always advisable to consult the latest foreign travel advice from such sources as the GOV.UK site before travelling to Lebanon, Beirut is a place of irresistible art, culture and, well, by-night fun, with an incredible diversity of impressive venues and a more relaxed attitude to drinking than the region’s other capitals.

  1. New York, USA

New York has long been one of the reference points for global nightlife, and the Big Apple continues to offer no shortage of sophistication and variety in venues ranging from Art Deco-styled cocktail bars and slick nightclubs to classic taverns and tiki lounges offering fruity umbrella drinks.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

Forget the gaudy image of years past – with the increasingly cosmopolitan nature of the Thai capital’s population has come a greater sophistication in its nightlife venues, now encompassing classy cocktail lounges, trendy pubs, rock bars and everything in-between.

  1. Montreal, Canada

Montreal may be the unsung gem of North America’s party capitals, showcasing a wide range of music, happening summer festivals and many of the world’s friendliest and most beautiful people. The only real – if obvious – warning that we would give would be to avoid the city during the winter.

Remember that there are many ways to organise and enjoy a big girls’ night out in one of these hedonists’ paradises – you could book a package holiday with a renowned provider such as Thomson, for example, or use an online booking hub like Blu Nightlife to secure a place on the guest list of in-demand establishments like The Cuckoo Club in London. Have fun!


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