How to get your hens to say ‘I do’

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Pre-wedding parties are the perfect opportunity to send the bride-to-be off in style. But, where’s the fun in that if half the hens are priced out of the celebration?
According to a study carried out by Ocean, one in five women have been forced to decline a hen invite because of the cost – that’s a fifth of your guest list down the drain!

Meals, drinks, accommodation and activities form the bulk of hen party costs. If you’re in charge of getting a full guest list on board for a loved one’s pre-nuptial party, here’s some hints and tips to get them saying ‘I do’, instead of ‘I don’t’.

1. Who needs fancy meals?

You don’t have to check-in at a posh eatery to impress the bride. Sometimes, it’s the smaller, personalised touches that make a difference. If it’s a summer celebration, why not plan a BBQ? Put your feet up, sip on some summer cocktails and soak up the rays before you hit the town later on.

If the party falls in the colder or damper months, you could shelter indoors with a spot of champagne afternoon tea. By organising your own menu, you’re able to tailor everything to the taste of the bride-to-be and decorate the surroundings with lots of bespoke trimmings.

2. Shaken, not stirred

Cocktail classes are a popular hen party choice, but if you’re on a budget, why not do it yourself? Stock up on your favourite spirits and mixers and create your own at-home bar to booze in. Prep some cocktail menus, line up some fun party games, nominate a couple of people to lead the lesson and the job’s a good’n!

3. Hotel, schmotel

If you’re venturing further afield, you’ll inevitably need somewhere to stay. Hotels are usually the first thought, but you might consider renting accommodation through companies like Airbnb. This means you can all kip closer together and make use of the amenities to conjure up your own meals. Not only this, but the extra space means you’re free to plan your own party games and best of all, it might even work out cheaper.

4. Curate your own, personalised entertainment

From nude life drawing, spa trips and go karting, to wine tasting, perfume making and cabaret, there’s an abundance of hen party activities to choose from. If you’re looking to cram in some fun before you head out, there’s plenty of games you can create yourself that won’t cost a penny. Plus, making your own activities gives you the opportunity to personalise the games and make them hilariously devilish.

To get your creative cogs turning, a couple of examples include: Mr & Mrs questions, shot roulette, dress the bride, banned words, karaoke and ice cube melters. Not satisfied with those ideas? There’s a whole bunch of them over at

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