3 ways women can fight fatigue

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According to The Royal College of Psychiatrists, at any given time, one in five people feel unusually tired and one in 10 have prolonged fatigue. Women tend to feel tired more than men. Feelings of exhaustion, stress and apathy can not only have an impact on work life, home life and psychological wellbeing, but it can also adversely affect your health.

A constant feeling of fatigue can indirectly cause all kinds of health issues. Women may pass over the chance of exercise due to tiredness/fatigue, which can quickly become a bad habit. Fatigue can help contribute to harmful psychological disorders such as insomnia and depression.

However, fatigue is fightable and with some practical guidance and a little bit of willpower, you can try banish fatigue and feel energised. Below we’ve put together our 3 most effective ways of increasing energy levels:

Drinking the right amount of water

Our body is so reliant on water to keep us hydrated. Water plays a vital role in ridding the body of toxins, keeping major organs going and keeping our energy levels at the optimal level.

A survey by the Natural Hydration Council in the UK found that one in five patients go to see the doctor with symptoms that are caused by not drinking enough water. Women are recommended to drink 1.6 litres of fluid every day – that’s about eight glasses of water.

Dehydration causes your body to go into survival mode and focus on only maintaining the most vital functions. Therefore, dehydration causes symptoms like fatigue, headaches and lethargy.

Cut the Caffeine

That’s right – drink less caffeine. According to the British Dietic Association, excess sugar and caffeine, though it causes an energy spike, inevitably leads to an energy low. Consumption of caffeine releases cortisol – a stress hormone. The human body usually produces cortisol early in the morning (that’s why we wake up). Coffee drinkers however disrupt this natural cycle and can overproduce cortisol through their consumption. This in turn can have an effect on the level of eating activity, how their body processes fat and reduces metabolism.

In regards to fatigue, because cortisol levels are kept so high over night, coffee drinkers never truly benefit from a good night’s sleep (called stage 4 sleep – where the body rebuilds and repairs itself).

Cutting out high caffeine food and drink from your diet, like coffee, could see your fatigue levels diminish as you start to actually get a proper and healthy good night’s sleep.

Consider healthy natural supplements

One of the reasons for growing fatigue in older age is that our bodies produce less and less of co-enzyme Q10. Q10 is a naturally occurring substance that helps maintain our heart and keeps energy metabolism levels high. As an antioxidant it helps the body fight back free radicals and maintain general health. In return, this could help contribute to provide better blood pressure, lower cholesterol and improve general energy.

Taking a sunflower oil based capsule once a day with some food could help in the long term keeping not just you, but your heart, fit and active for many years to come. Increased energy levels using this natural supplement combined with a healthy balanced diet and plenty of sleep could be the key to beating fatigue fast and effectively.

In summary

Making some very simple and cost effective changes to your just your drinking habits could be enough to improve your general health and get rid of fatigue. Cutting on caffeine might sound hard, but if you’re not drinking enough water as it is, then perhaps the additional water might quell desires for further liquids. Complimenting your meals with natural supplements can help give you an energy boost and work well to support a healthy balanced diet.

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