4 Fashionable and Functional Hiking Accessories

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Some people say that it doesn’t matter what a person wears while hiking, because no one can see them anyway. However, that does not mean that it is not important to be fashionable while in nature. It is always important to look your best, especially when someone might take a picture which will be saved and immortalized forever. There are many fashionable and functional hiking accessories. Here are four pieces that give a hiker the chance to show their sense of style on the trail.


A stylish outfit that has been making waves among hikers is the hiking dress. These are typically lightweight dresses that are designed to keep the wearer cool and dry, and allow her to still feel feminine after days on the trail. It also means that she must pack less gear. Many of the hiking dresses can be worn for several days. In addition to hiking dresses, there are also fishing dresses, which tend to dry more quickly than hiking dresses. There are some cons, but overall, many women seem to love the hiking dress because it is practical and feminine.


When hiking, it is very important that a hiker is taking care of themselves. It is especially important to care for your feet and your ankles. Proper boots or shoes are a critical part of hiking, but that does not mean that these pieces cannot be fashionable. Many boots and shoes have additional detailing, to make them more appealing to look at. While there are sneakers that have been designed to be worn while hiking, boots offer the additional advantage of supporting the ankles as well as being comfortable. Companies like Woodbury Outfitters offer a wide variety of shoes and boots, allowing hikers to choose the one that best fits their own unique sense of style.


While many people may not see vests as the height of fashion in everyday life, a vest is actually a very useful tool while hiking. A vest keeps the core of the body warm while still allowing the arms to have great freedom of movement. Some vests, like fishing vests, even have multiple pockets to store things like band aids or a compass in. There are even companies that sell weighted vests, which are used to help hikers improve their strength.


Sunglasses, beanies, bandanas, and baseball caps are all accessories that can be very useful on a hike. Bandanas can look cute, and can be used to help a hiker cool down by placing them in water. A bandana can also be a fashionable way to prevent sunburn on the back of a hiker’s neck. Eyecare is an important thing to be aware of while hiking as well. Sunglasses are a fashionable way to protect the eyes from the sun. Meanwhile, beanies keep body heat from escaping too quickly while looking fashionable, and a baseball cap is a cute way to keep the sun off the face.

Hiking can be a lot of fun, and there is no reason that a person can’t hike and look fashionable at the same time. These are just some of the products that allow a person to be fashionable and practical while hiking.

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