Ways to Help Make Your Facebook More Secure

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Millions upon millions of us use social networking site Facebook every day. The platform enables us to connect with our friends, loved ones, and even those from around the world with just a click of a button. However, it is important that your account is kept secure from any potential risks. Here are a number of ways to help make your Facebook more secure.

Passwords and Authentication

The first and most vital step in keeping your account secure is by choosing a good password. The easier your password is to guess, the greater the risk you have of being hacked. Ensuring you take time to come up with a password that is unique to you and incredibly hard to guess will help reduce your risk of hacking. Also, it is recommended to use the two-step authentication that Facebook provides, which means you can link your phone number up to your account so if anyone were to attempt to log into your profile, you will instantly be notified. Having this in place adds an extra layer of security to your account.

Close Old Accounts

Many people get bored of their account and wish to start afresh. Whilst this is perfectly fine to do so, many also forget to close their old account. If you have an account that is left open and inactive, you are at a greater risk of being hacked. This is because Facebook continuously develops their security measures, and if you are not logging in and updating, you are more prone to get someone accessing your account.

Account Activity

Whilst we predominately use Facebook on our phones, there can be times when you log into your account on a friend’s phone or in an internet café. It can also be easy to forget to log out. One way to see exactly where your account is logged in is to visit your account activity. Not only will you be able to see if your account is logged in elsewhere, but also the location, time, and device being used. If you notice anything suspicious, ensure you report the activity immediately. Also, many apps you download ask for your Facebook to be connected. Whilst most are genuine, you may have downloaded an app that could become a risk to your account. Ensure you research and evaluate anything suspicious to eliminate any problems.

Dangerous Messages

A big reason why many use Facebook is for its messenger service. Whilst this is a great and useful way to keep in touch with your friends, it is important to look out for any potential dangerous messages. When clicking on your messages, there is a secret folder which lists all your Facebook messenger non friends who have sent you a message. Whilst one or two might be from a genuine person, they are typically spam, so ensure you ignore and delete anything you deem inappropriate.

Whilst Facebook is a fantastic way to stay connected with all your friends, remember to stay safe and to not expose yourself to any hackers or dangerous activity.

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