Five Photography Tips that Can Transform Your Pictures

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How many times have you been on a vacation, been at a party, or somewhere special where you brought a camera with you to capture those incredible shots only to find out later that your pictures were far from incredible? It can be incredibly disappointing since you can’t go back and recreate those moments and memories. While it can sometimes be blamed on the actual camera and equipment you are using, other times it comes down to photography tips and knowledge.

For those people who are tired of being disappointed in their photos, here’s a look at five photography tips that can literally transform your photos for the better.

Invest in a Lens

If you have a camera that allows for lens attachments, then you just aren’t getting the full experience until you go ahead and purchase a lens. Now because you probably aren’t a professional photographer, there’s no need to rush out and purchase a whole slew of lenses. Instead start with one and start to play around with it, and improve your skills and creativity.

Just make sure that when you shop for a lens you are looking into reviews regarding firmware and mounting issues, and how well the lens itself works. The Sigma Rumors site is a perfect place to start if you happen to own a Sigma camera. You’ll find all the latest reviews, issues and news here.

Try a Unique Perspective

Another tip is to try capturing your shot from a unique perspective. This could mean taking your picture from above or below, giving a birds-eye view, and more. It’s all about adding interest to your photo.

Keep the Camera Steady

How many shots have you ruined before due to shaking? It can be hard to hold the camera steady and get that perfect, in focus picture. If this sounds like your problem then it could be a good idea to invest in a tripod. This will take all the worry off your shoulders, and ensure the camera is steady at all times. Another way to reduce blurriness caused by shaking is to use a fast shutter speed.

Don’t Rely on Automatic Flash

One thing novice photographers are guilty of is relying on the automatic flash. Experts recommend that this is one of the first things you want to adjust in the settings. Turning the automatic flash off will put the control back into your hands. Simply turning off the flash isn’t enough though, you will also need to increase the ISO. This will speed up your shutter speed so you can freeze people in motion.

Move in Closer Rather than Just Using the Zoom

The final tip is to start moving in much closer to your subject rather than relying on your camera’s zoom. Again this gives your photo a whole other feel and look, and often comes out looking more artistic and detailed.

Remember it Takes Practice

Even by using each of these tips it still takes practice in order to perfect your photography skills. Over time though you will start to see a real improvement in the shots you are taking.   With so much competition in photography these days, J Knowles are one of the most trusted and reliable professionals in the game.


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