Planning the perfect day: Daytime hen party ideas

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A hen do will – more often than not – take place across a weekend which means you need to fill both the day and night with activities. The evening will often start with a meal, before the drinks start flowing – later, perhaps, you all don fancy dress outfits to head out to a club where you dance the night away.

This may well require reserving a table at your restaurant of choice and getting your name on the guest list of a few bars and clubs. Once you have chosen your location this will be fairly easy after a little research. What could take a little more thought are the activities you’re going to do during the day.

So, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Cocktail Making Class


Learn how to make cocktails that you can recreate later in your accommodation while you are getting ready to go out. Get behind the bar and shake and garnish while you learn about the tools used and history of the drink. From Piña Colada to Espresso Martini, you can mix together your favourite ingredients and see which ones tickle your taste buds.

Top tip: Make sure you have the right amount of activities – consider how long each will last and how full-on they are. Too few and you could end up twiddling your thumbs but too many and you will end up rushing between them. A company like Adventure Connections could help you to organise your day to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Dance Class 


Learn a few moves that you can later bust out on the dance floor later that night. From Bollywood to Burlesque, an experienced choreographer will teach you individual moves that you can then bring together for a final routine.

You will be provided with the relevant costumes and accessories – so it’s the perfect photo opportunity too!

Top tip: Ensure your activities are varied. You won’t necessarily want to go from chocolate making to wine tasting and then onto an afternoon tea – all before dinner – unless the hen is a real foodie.

Afternoon Tea

There are a variety of afternoon teas on offer – perhaps you would like to sail down the river as you enjoy your cup of tea and scone. Alternatively there are quirky, themed afternoon teas that are just perfect for your special occasion. You could devour the ‘Eat Me’ cakes and ‘Drink Me’ tea at an Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea, or look for the golden ticket at a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired tea party. Alternatively, why not ‘Be our guest’ at Old as Time, complete with Mrs Potts and Chip at a Beauty and the Beast themed tea.

Top tip: Make you sure you take into account the distance between activities.
You don’t want to spend ages travelling and likewise consider how you will get there. Can you walk? Is it easy to get a bus? Or will you need to book a taxi?

A Spa Experience


Take some time out to relax in the spa – have a gossip on the sun lounger over a glass of champagne, swim a few lengths in the pool, relax in the hot tub and steam room before treating yourself to massage or facial.

Top tip: Spread the daytime activities across two days but remember that, on the second day, you might be a bit jaded from the night before. So do the cocktail making on the first day and save the spa for the second.

Make Your Own Pop Video

Does the bride-to-be fancy herself as the next Beyoncé? Then when better to fulfil this dream than at her hen party? You will start by learning the dance moves, before getting dressed up and miming to a song of your choice. The finished video will be great to show the guests on the big day – or relive the memories after the wedding and honeymoon come to an end.

Top tip: As well as keeping the hen in mind while you are planning, don’t forget to consider the guests. If, for example, the bride and groom’s mothers are attending, this might help to determine some activities you should stay clear of. Don’t be afraid to ask the rest of the party what they would and wouldn’t like to do. This could quickly ruin the day if no one wants to take part!

Don’t forget to plan in some time for lunch and a sit down…

You need to eat – especially if you are going to be drinking that night and perhaps even during the day. You also don’t want to rush around to the point where, come the evening, all you want to do is slip into your comfy PJs and snuggle up in a warm bed. You only have one hen party, after all.

Work out the best time to stop between activities and then find a restaurant or café in a convenient location. If your second activity is afternoon tea, you might want to swap a late lunch for an early brunch so you aren’t too full.


Incorporate games…

Prepare some hen party games – which will be perfect to fill any unexpected spare time or to play while you are waiting for your food. Think Mr and Mrs, wedding trivia quiz and bridal bingo.

As well as being a lot of fun, games are a great way to break the ice between guests who don’t know each other.

Now – decide which activities would be best for your hen party and then plan out the day and ask for advice, and start booking. The earlier you do it, the easier it will be to plan the perfect day.

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