5 Perfect Stag Do Ice- Breakers

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People from every point in your life come together for the stag. Your best mate, family, colleagues, even the bride to be’s family (so best behaviour boys)!

Somehow this collection of most probably strangers need to come together and gain best buds stats for the stag do and whilst there are lots of ways to break the ice, nothing seems to work better than everyone bonding over embarrassing the stag himself.

Where’s the PARTY PAD?

When choosing a place to call home for the weekend, remember to choose a party pad! It will be like having all the lads round at your house, just in a really, really cool house.

This will be the perfect place to play classic drinking games like ring of fire and drunk jenga. Your party pad is also a place to help the groom to be dress up in the most embarrassing fancy dress costume the party can find.

Escape the zombies

Inspired by Dawn of the Dead, your group will be locked inside a disguised shopping mall in London with only your wits to escape a swarm of zombies. Try and get yourself out before they turn into the living dead, it shouldn’t be much different than leaving the club at 4am.

Nothing like trust to bond!

Split your entourage up into two teams and go head to head in the ultimate paintball showdown. If the groom’s a gamer then hop on a train to Mayhem Paintball in Essex and act out your favourites like Call of Duty, but make sure you don’t let the groom off lightly! Click here for paintballing venue in London.

A drunken cycle

Everyone knows the main element in a stag do is the alcohol, but instead of all sitting around a table trying to make small talk, kick the drinking up a notch! Behold the Beer Bike, the perfect balance of beer and sightseeing rolled into one fun activity.

VIP treatment

If it’s a trip abroad for the last weekend of freedom, then start the trip off with a bang and book a limo from the airport! Keep it a secret and surprise the stag when you step off the plane.

Sit back and enjoy the ride with a beer listening to your favourite tunes whilst you’re driven to your hotel – but of course we’re not saying the whole weekend has to stay this classy!


We’ve saved the best till last here, it’s no doubt that the best way to get the whole party bonding is to make the stag do the most embarrassing things possible.

Some of our favourites include, making the stag wear an umpa lumpa worthy amount of fake tan, applying a fake cast to his leg when passed out (usually from too much alcohol) and writing something he definitely doesn’t want seen on his forehead in UV paint.

Got a stag coming up? Let us know what you do to break the awkwardness at the start of the night!

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