4 Reasons That Science and Technology are Changing the Way We Look

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New technologies are developing every day, and things like medicine, surgery, and computing, are indistinguishable from the way they were a few decades ago. Health, fitness and beauty are also developing in leaps and bounds, and are taking the latest in science and technology and moulding them into usable procedures and techniques. If you are still applying lotions and potions to your skin to look younger, read on and open your eyes to a whole new world.

Hair Removal

It is thought that, as we evolve, we will lose the excess hair on our bodies; as we no longer need it. This is great news for those of us who are constantly removing but, unfortunately, that is going to take thousands of years. In the meantime, using a Hair removal laser machine is surely now the only way forward for those who want an easier life when it comes to hair removal. Why would you want to suffer the agony of waxing, or the constant danger of skin damage when shaving if you can use technology like a laser (yes a laser) to remove hair? It sounds so cool and space age too.

Fat Busting


According to the 2014 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report trimming off those extra layers of fat has driven  the UK keep fit industry to a staggering £4 billon market value; showing just how desperate people are to look great. Cooltech is a relatively new way to do just this by freezing fat cells instead of working out. Using cryolipolysis, this treatment may not be able to shed as much fat as constant workouts and diets, but it is an excellent way to remove the final layer of fat on a body to make you look super trim.

The Facial

As we have strived to make our faces look fresh and radiant again, we have been foolishly rubbing and scrubbing ourselves raw in the attempt. There are probably thousands of facial treatments we have tried, but technology could soon make them all a thing of the past. As the popularity of treatments like the bliss triple micr02dermabrasion facial that combines the use of ultra-fine crystals with LED lighting to enhance the process become more widespread, expect the traditional scrubs to be, well… scrubbed

Anti-wrinkle Treatment

Removing wrinkles that seem to map out your years on the planet for everybody to see has been the Holy Grail for many of us for decades, but technology and science may finally be coming to the rescue. It is said that stems cells can rejuvenate your skin and promote the growth of new cells, and creams containing them have been around for a while. However, the latest treatments (click here for an in depth article from New York magazine explaining one such treatment) use electrical impulses to push the stem cells beneath the skin’s surface, and is the perfect example of mankind using nature and technology for its benefit.

Natural remedies and treatments will always be with us, but it is somehow comforting to know that science and technology will now also be with us to give a helping hand.

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