5 tricks to help you survive a long-distance relationship

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In the ancient history of mankind (so about 20 years ago) it was common for people to live, love, laugh and die in and around the same place that they were born in. Not so anymore. Nowadays we are all world explorers in our own right. These expanded horizons come with so many advantages but one major drawback: it is very likely that you will, at some point in your life, have to deal with a long-distance relationship. Here are some tips on how to make them work – from this long-distance veteran herself.

1.      Out of sight-out of mind
Is there someone important in your life that you haven’t seen in forever?  Well, as shameful as it sounds, I’ve lost contact with so many people due to never bothering to call or text once I’ve left them behind. Remembering to keep each in our thoughts – even the bad ones – may sound like a no-brainer, but it is just so easy to… let people slide out of our lives unnoticed.

2.      Need to care
But who do you want to keep in touch with? I’ll give you a clue: it isn’t what’s-his-name from where-is-it-again. The people you want to keep are the people who pop into your mind leaving you feeling a little warm glow in your tummy. To keep a long-distance relationship going, whether romantic or friendship or familial, you must be bothered. It is hard work,  you know? And hard work only gets done when one thinks it may just about be worth the effort.

3.      Push yourself before you …wreck your long-distance-relationship-self
Caring about the relationships you have with people far away is the easy part; the hard bit is making an effort no matter what. Sadly, if you don’t bother to see your friends and loved ones in person from time to time, your relationship will deteriorate. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say, but that doesn’t really work for 3-6 month gaps of non-contact.  And that applies to days when you feel ill and hungover too, I am afraid.

4.      In the loop
You’d be surprised how important all these information snippets we pass on to the people around us are, you know, stuff about the neighbouring cats or the very very very crucial news on the hairspray we discovered last week… These irrelevant little gossips are what makes our relationships, to some extent, as it helps us to stay in the loop. If your long-distance is to work, you need to remember to update the other half not only on life changing evens but on the small things too.

5.      Forget and forgive quickly
Speaking of which… If your friends do hurt you in some way, try not to hold onto grudges. Because you are so far apart, disagreements and miscommunication can happen more often than in a Shakespearian comedy.   Accept this and move on, because making a big deal of any fall outs is only going to drive everyone involved apart, and you’re far enough apart to begin with!

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