Four Tips for Planning a Valentine’s Day He’ll Love

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Valentine’s day is a celebration for lovers, but most of the marketing around this holiday is geared towards buying expensive or pretty gifts for your wife or girlfriend. Today, however, many couples agree that this is a dated and sexist way of looking at things and that Valentine’s Day should be just as much for the guys as it is for the girls. If you’re hoping to plan a Valentine’s Day to remember for your husband or boyfriend, here are our top tips!

#1. Foot the Bill:
If your previous Valentine’s Day celebrations have consisted of your guy taking you out for a nice meal and never asking you to pay a penny, then why not show how much you appreciate him by doing the same back for him this year? Or, if your budget is tight or the two of you simply enjoy spending time in the privacy of your own home instead of going out. You can surprise him by cooking up his favorite meal and enjoying a Valentine’s dinner at home together instead. Sometimes, simple gestures like cooking a delicious meal for each other are all you need to say: ‘I love you!’

#2. See His Point of View:
Valentine’s Day is all about being romantic with your other half, however, don’t forget that for the most part, men and women tend to have different views about romance. Bear in mind that what you find romantic could be very different to what your husband or boyfriend does. Perhaps he would find it romantic if you accompanied him to his favorite sporting match, gave him a massage, or shared an experience together, such as traveling to somewhere that he’s always wanted to go or taking part in an extreme sport together.  Even something as simple as a beautiful, shareable bottle of gin would be a lovely gift for your man!  Our favourite is the Scottish Raspberry Gin from Caorunngin which you can read

#3. Get Personal:
When it comes to selecting the perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, it can be easy to wonder if you are getting it right. For a gift idea that he is sure to love, why not come up with something that is personal to the two of you? For example, if you both enjoy making videos when you visit places and do things together, you could edit a video of all your best and most memorable moments to show to him on the day. Personalized items with a photograph of the two of you, or even your favorite photos together framed can make a lovely gift he’s sure to cherish.

#4. Consider His Interests:
Lastly, think about the type of things that your guy really enjoys doing when choosing what to do for him this Valentine’s Day. For example, if he’s really into keeping fit, then classes with a favorite trainer or new gym gear could be an excellent gift idea for him. Or, if he’s a foodie, then cooking classes together, or a chance to eat somewhere he’s wanted to try for a long time is sure to touch his heart. Get more men’s interest ideas here.
If these tips have helped you put together a fool-proof plan for the perfect Valentine’s Day for your guy, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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