5 Ways to Mark an Anniversary at Home

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We live in interesting times, as the saying goes, aptly this particular phrase is supposedly translated from a traditional Chinese curse and has been used throughout the ages, even by prominent politicians such as Robert Kennedy and Hilary Clinton. But no matter where it came from, the phrase is considerably relevant as we are spending vast amounts of time in our homes at the minute. So, for many landmark events such as birthdays or anniversaries are going to be celebrated in an entirely different way then we are used to or alternatively not happening at all. But we feel that there is no need to take such drastic measures as canceling, and it’s probably better for our mental health and general well-being to try and keep marking these events in some way. Here are five little bits of advice to try and help plan an anniversary while staying at home.

Hosting an Online Party

Not many of us are planning to be able to have large numbers of people visiting the home or being able to book a venue and go out for a meal or a party booked at a private place. So, it’s unlikely we can host a planned party if that’s what we were looking to do. But there is an alternative, and online parties are becoming all the rage, using Zoom or another video conferencing platform it is possible to have a ‘virtual’ gathering. One thing to be careful of though is security and make sure only people invited are to receive the link to the party and that it’s password-protected. This is because people have been reported to be ‘hacking’ into Zoom rooms and displaying potentially disturbing or illegal content.


A virtual party is all fine and well, but some of the features of a typical gathering will seem impossible. What about catering? We certainly won’t be able to share a meal with our loved ones, will we? Not in the traditional sense, but we can work around this. Maybe we could order meals from the same takeaway delivery service? Even if we have people in our group with allergies and food intolerances, we can order free-from goods from food delivery services such as Ocado. These little tricks are not the same, but being able to provide food to your ‘guests’ will make it feel a little more like normal.

Ordering Gifts

Taking the time to think about what to get as anniversary gifts can be an exercise that we like to give a lot of thought to. If you are anything like me, then it would generally involve several trips out shopping and browsing through my favorite shops and stores until inspiration grabs me. This method is not currently available to any of though, and we need to look more into online shopping to be able to get what we need. In all honesty, I would have usually used a mix of online and physical shopping, I was looking at these ideas for a Third Anniversary Gift anyway, and I, like everyone else, will just need to adapt to this new way of doing things.

How to Keep it Secret

The secret anniversary party is a tradition that has been around forever, and it’s the classic situation where a surprise party would be relevant. But this is not likely, maybe you could still manage it though, we already talked about how to do an online party, and perhaps you could manage to keep it a secret until the time has come? It would be possible to set up the virtual room, log everyone on, and then get your significant other to come to the PC or iPad screen, pretending to have something to show them. At least you know for sure that they are going to be home at the arranged time. Another secrecy challenge might be keeping presents hidden, and I always used to have a reciprocal system with my best friend where she kept my gifts and me hers, we will just need to be more creative with hiding places now.

Getting Some Time to Yourselves

Getting some time alone can be challenging I’m hearing from friends with kids, and if you’re in this situation, you will need to be selective and inventive about how and when you get some quality alone time. It’s important to schedule times to be apart from each other, and this will be challenging in confined spaces but will be good for the long-term health of your relationship. 

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