6 Simple Ways to Transform Your Garden

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If you’re not much of a gardener, the prospect of updating your outside space can be a little daunting, especially if you have a very large space to work with. It can leave you feeling uncertain regarding what best to do with it. Transforming your garden can be very easy, however, with the simplest steps perfect for adding colour and life to your outside space.

  • Add Some Decking 

A lot of people prefer decking to lawn, but why not the best of both? If the majority of your garden is grass, you can still add a small decking area which can instantly make your garden more varied, and offer the perfect spot to set up a dining table or seating area – or perhaps the ideal spot to place your summer barbeque. 

When building decking for your garden, be sure to use strong supplies so it will last; suppliers like Tradefix Direct have the correct fixtures and fittings for garden decking. 

  • Tame Your Lawn 

Taking care of your lawn properly can have a profound effect on the overall appearance of your garden. Keeping your lawn short and maintained, as well as keeping it healthy by encouraging a greener glow, can make your garden look significantly better. 

  • Use Pots and Planters 

In order to organise your plants and flowers in a better way, use pots and planters to dot flower arrangements around your garden, wherever you need. You could also incorporate hanging baskets around doorways and windows – or perhaps windowsill planters – to spread colour and life around your outside space.

Pots and planters are also great solutions if you have a paved or decked garden but would like access to the soil in order to grow your own flowers.

  • Add Some Mood Lighting 

With the long summer evenings soon arriving again, the right lighting can go a long way, especially if you have a large and long garden. Adding lighting to every corner can help to make your outside space feel bigger and less neglected. Fairy lights are perfect for wrapping around fencing, trees, or bushes, or you could use designated lanterns that can easily be distributed in the soil or grass. 

Adequate lighting is also important if you’re looking to illuminate a seating area, too. 

  • Use Colours 

Bring your garden to life by using as much colour as you can. Think about planting the most colourful flowers you can find, or perhaps encouraging lush shades of ivy to grow along your fencing. If you have a shed or outbuilding, you can make use of wood paint and refresh any tired or faded wood. 

Garden ornaments and seating cushions can also be perfect for adding a splash of colour to any garden.

  • Add a Water Feature

If tranquil haven is what you’re going for, then a water feature can help to achieve just that. Even the smallest water feature can add a very therapeutic feel and sound to your garden. With a variety of water features available, you’ll always be able to find one which suits your tastes and needs.

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