6 things you can’t forget when renovating your home

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Renovating your home is no easy feat. There’s lots to think about, from actually designing your new space to obtaining planning permission and so it can be easy to forget things in the process. Here are the important things we sometimes forget, when renovating our space, that must be accounted for when it comes to budget and time.

  1. Budgets need to be strict

This is something that conveniently slips people’s minds when they begin planning their renovation. They become so wrapped up in aesthetics and the fun stuff that when it comes to paying for those beautiful interior oak doors they discover the budget didn’t quite stretch that far. Quality is important in any renovation so ensure your budget reflects that but that you also stick to it.  Don’t forget about unusual items like ceiling tiles!

  1. Quotes are important

No, we’re not talking about those inspirational Instagram posts you like scrolling through to pep yourself up in the morning – although if these help when you’re feeling strained by all means don’t forget them – we’re talking about quotes from builders and tradesmen.

Too many of us forget the importance of comparing prices and that tradesmen can be haggled with. Call as many as you can and don’t go with the first price you receive. It’s also important to remember to check their credentials and reviews of their work; you only want to hire the best for your home renovation.

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  1. Forgetting the details can impact the time scale

While you’re choosing your bathroom, for example, ensure you’ve picked up everything else you need as well to ensure your plumber has an easy job installing it and that work isn’t held up because you forgot to pick up the washers for the particular type of tap you’ve purchased. Details and extras are important to remember. Without them some of the biggest jobs can’t be finished or even go ahead.

  1. Permission might be needed

Some people get so excited about their renovation that they just jump straight into it, starting work before they’ve actually checked it can go ahead. Don’t cause any delays or disappointment and forget to sort this vital part of a renovation if the work is going to affect the structure of your home or your neighbours. Take a look at the Government site around planning permission before you do anything.

  1. You can’t do everything

There are people out there who forget that tradesmen and builders trained to be in the position where they can fit a kitchen or install a bath tub. Don’t ‘forget’ that and go ahead and attempt to do jobs like these yourself in an effort to save money. If something goes wrong it could cost you more time and more expense to have it put right by a professional.

  1. The time scale you have in mind WILL go over

Don’t assume everything can be done in one weekend. Hold ups occur for numerous reasons during a renovation (hopefully not because of any of the above reasons though after reading this post!) so don’t forget to allow more time than you initially planned.


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