A Guide for Staying Safe in London

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It’s always important to stay safe no matter where you travel in the world, and for big cities like London, you may need to think differently about your routine if you’re not used to such busy and popular places — especially if you’re traveling there from abroad for the first time. 

To make sure you can stay safe and savvy while in London and concentrate on enjoying a rewarding trip, here is a guide for you, whether a UK resident travelling to the capital for the first time or a tourist from overseas.

Always Research and Plan Your Route

Route planning for any trip allows you the best itinerary, but it’s also important for keeping you safe. London is a big place and can get very complicated for those new to big cities and who haven’t been before. There are many main areas of London you will want to stick to and avoid travelling in any unknown areas or streets, especially if alone. 

Keep Your Belongings Safe On-The-Go

There is always a risk of pickpockets no matter where you go, but especially in big cities full of tourists. If you’re planning on public transport, you may also find yourself in very crowded small spaces, like the Tube, which means ample opportunity for someone to pick your pockets. 

So, when travelling around London, ensure your valuables are out of sight, make use of zipped pockets, and secure any backpacks, so they’re not easily accessible.

Only Use Registered Companies or Agencies

No matter what you’re doing in London, sticking to registered companies is a must. There may be many people on the street or even online offering discounted services, such as tickets to shows or any other people you meet along the way making promises for events or experiences. Sticking to licensed companies that have been reviewed by other tourists will help keep your experiences safe and secure. 

If you’re looking to make new friends in London for the duration of your trip, make sure to use reputable agencies, like Playgirls London

Take Public Transport if You Don’t Feel Confident Driving

Driving in another country can be daunting, especially in a huge city. In the UK, you will drive on the left side of the road, and in London, there are many traffic laws and charges to get acquainted with for a safe driving experience. If you don’t feel confident navigating the complicated London streets, there are many great public transport options for you as an alternative.

Only Use Official Taxis

London streets are lined with registered black cabs, which will be your main choice for a taxi during your trip, and can easily be flagged down. You can also use other licensed minicab services in the area. Aside from this, avoid using any unknown taxi services or trying to get a ride in a different way, or from people claiming to be a taxi if they do not have an official license or badge. If in doubt, always stick to black cabs on the road.

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