Reasons For Keeping On Top Of Your Vehicle

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Improve resale value

When you come to sell your vehicle privately or trade it in for a newer model you need to be aware that the price you will receive for your old car will be dependent on a number of things.  

Keeeping on top of small dings and dent on your car

By using a company that specialises in dent repair for vehicles rather than trying to get a quick job done on the cheap, you can ensure that any dents are dealt with by hammering and pressing the metal back in, rather than a noticeable paint job.  Keeping on top of small jobs like these could add thousands to the trade in value of your car, as the bodywork is generally the first thing people see and are influenced by how good it looks.  who wants to get a new car and show it off to their friends for them to say – “oh look at the dents!”

Getting Small Fixes Looked At Before They Become Big Problems

It’s important to keep on top of small, niggly things that come up with your car – even something as simple as a knocking or whirring noises can quickly develop into something more serious (and expensive) so most garages will take a look and give you a quote for 

Getting big fixes done by the garage at cost price is a better option that paying for it yourself at retail price, then looking for a trade in price for your car.  Most garages will give you a better trade in price with a single larger fix needing done than the price you would get for yourself after the fix.

Keeping the Interior Regularly Detailed

Making sure any spills are dealt with at the time rather than them causing a watermark that can’t be removed easily. Things like mud, dirt and pet hairs tend to build up in your vehicle and it can take longer and more expensive to have it restored to that “new car” smell that everyone loves when they first purchase a new vehicle!

Change your oil and filters regularly

As well as keeping your service book in order so that people can see you have had your services done at exactly the right intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Keeping the oil changed will ensure the interior pipes etc stay pristine and your filters aren’t clogging up the rest of the vehicle.

Try to drive as smoothly as possible

Constant breaking and clutching will wear out both systems in your car, causing excessive and obvious wear and tear on your car that will lower the trade in or private resell price. Someone taking on your car will be able to test drive it and see how it has been treated in its life! No-one wants an old banger really, they’ll want a car they spend however much on and they get a good life out of it after it’s left your ownership.

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