An exciting new range of kitchen special buys at Aldi for Spring!

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Aldi, our favourite “real price” retailer has some very exciting products in the pipeline to maximise efficiency and effective time in the kitchen!

The Restaurant AtHome range – due to launch in stores from Thursday 9th March is just perfect for adding to your kitchen goods at a respectable price.  Who needs over inflated “big brands” when Aldi’s version does the same job?  From coffee capsule machines to food processors and perfectly priced cutlery sets these aren’t just ideal for your own kitchen but also brilliant for wedding presents or even Mother’s Day?

Here’s some of our favourite picks;


Aldi’s 44 Piece Cutlery Set (£24.99) is ideal for any dinner party host. The mirror polished, stainless steel set will make any dinner table sparkle, and includes table knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons, as well as dessert knives and forks, soup spoons and tablespoons.  What an amazingly priced wedding gift for that tenth wedding of the summer!


Identical in every way to the big brand “capsule” coffee machines – Aldi’s coffee Capsule Machine (£49.99) which creates barista style coffee in a matter of seconds, and is available in stylish red, grey, cream and black. What’s more, for an even tastier finish to homemade hot drinks, Aldi’s Milk Heater/Frother (£19.99) is great for frothing milk for lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolates, and is available in four colours.   There’s even the coffee capsule holder to store your brand name and Aldi bought coffee capsules for only £3.99


Finally this brilliant food processor to up your cooking game – these machines are ideal for making everything from a basic hummus to more complicated sauces and baking mixes.  Prepare to cook like a professional with this Premium Food Processor (£49.99), perfect for mixing, beating and blending all ingredients. It also comes complete with pre-programmed Pulse, Ice Crushing and Smoothie cycles, and is available in cream and grey colour options. A comprehensive range of accessories with a storage case are also included.

Available to buy online from today and in store at on the 9th March!

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