Elegant Technology for Your Elegant Home

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Technology has been making life easier for decades, and today’s technology brings more convenience than ever before.  In addition to convenience, home automation  brings lower utility bills and lower carbon emissions.

Instead of having to trudge back upstairs to turn off a light that you might otherwise choose to ignore and leave on, you can simply tap your smartphone and turn it off. Your home can be set to heat individual rooms to exact temperatures at certain times of the day so that you’re not wasting any energy. And your windows can open and close all by themselves to ventilate your home and reduce your use of expensive air conditioning.

There are so many amazing home automation options available, let’s take a look at the some of the most popular choices.

Control Your Lighting from Your Phone

Lighting is an important design element, and smart technology has made it easier than ever to use stunning lighting to accent your interior design and to set exactly the right mood, whatever your plans.

Whether you need to provide a soothing night light for your children, set just the right intensity for your home office, or create the perfect mood for a romantic dinner, a few quick swipes on your smartphone will take care of it all for you.

Open and Close Your Windows at the Touch of a Button

Furniture placement and window treatments can make opening and closing your windows a chore. Stretching over a beautiful credenza and then having to wrestle with draperies or blinds can make using your windows frustrating and time consuming.

Luckily, smart tech comes to the rescue with automated window openers. These can be programmed to open and close at certain times or you can just choose to open a window whenever you need to.

If the thought of your having your windows controlled by an electrical system that could fail in an emergency leaves you feeling uneasy, then you can opt for manual window openers instead. Your installer can place the opener in an accessible position so that you can open your windows with ease.

Play Music throughout Your Home

Home automation can play your favourite music for you wherever you are. You can set your bathroom to play energising music when you head in for your morning shower, or some relaxing music when you take a well-earned bubble bath at the end of the day.

Your bedroom could lull you to sleep with the sound of gentle rain, waves lapping on a shore, or even a sleep meditation journey.

Set the Perfect Temperature for Every Room

Give each room its own temperature setting to ensure optimum comfort. Choose a cooler temperature for your bedroom to promote more restful sleep, luxurious warmth for your bathrooms, and just the right temperature for your study so that you can get work done without feeling drowsy.

Even if you aren’t ready to automate aspects of your home just yet, keep an eye on developments. Exciting new features come along regularly, and as with any technology, prices become more and more affordable as time goes on.


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