Andrea McLean Showcases Diamonique Collection at QVC

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Simply Woman recently attended a **QVC press day where we were delighted by homewares, beauty, and fashion products on show by many prominent brands. We also had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Andrea McLean whom you may remember from the TV show Loose Women. Andrea now has her very own jewellery collection with QVC. Her pieces range from everyday wear to glammed-up designer gear, so there’s something for everybody. Enjoy!


 Andrea McLean Designer Interview by Simply Woman magazine.

Credit – Diamonique by Andrea McLean, exclusive to QVC –


SW: What type of woman typically buys your jewellery?

My jewellery is for every woman, of every age, style and budget! Just as there is no such thing as a typical woman, there is no typical person who buys my jewellery. I often have women stopping me in the street to tell me that they love my jewellery, and what I love about that, apart from the fact that it is hugely flattering and rewarding, is the fact that they are all so different! And they all love different pieces; some favour the small delicate ones, others enjoy the larger more dynamic ones. But what unites them is they enjoy looking and feeling good, and if I am part of that then that makes me very, very happy!

SW: Are you targeting any particular age group with your designs?

No, I just go with the flow, and hope that people like them, no matter what age they are! What I try to give women is jewellery that they can wear on the school run in the morning without thinking, then wear with a little black dress for lunch with their friends to add a little sparkle, and finally add to an evening dress for that special evening out… Women should wear jewellery, not the other way around.


SW: What inspired you to design your pieces?

I was approached to get involved with QVC because I had already enjoyed their Diamonique range and was a fan. I was given free reign to go in whatever direction I wanted, so I looked at the jewellery that I already owned, and obviously was drawn to. I then started paying more attention to what drew my eye in jewellery shops, in magazines, on friends… And then I joined it all together, working closely with the team at QVC to come up with something that I would be proud to wear, and that hopefully other people would want to buy! And thankfully, one year on, they have!

Image shows Diamonique Pearl Drop Earrings.

SW: Are there any designers you admire, and have they influenced you in any way?

I have to admit that I am drawn to the classic designers; Tiffany, Asprey, Garrard and the like. I love their use of curve, fluidity and colour. But I also spend a lot of time looking at antique pieces in the antique stores near where I live, and seem to be constantly drawn to the Art Deco style! All of these influence my jewellery, in their own way.


SW: How long have you been with QVC?

I have just celebrated my first anniversary with QVC! I‘m thrilled that people have taken the jewellery to their hearts, and I feel like I am part of the QVC family now, I love it!


SW: Do you have any exciting plans for the future you can share with us?

Now that I have been there for a year, I think we now have a good feeling for what Andrea McLean’s Diamonique range is all about, and next year will see a few little surprises joining the rnge, that I hope ladies will enjoy!

Simply Woman wishes Andrea well with her future.

This interview was conducted by Iheoma Okoroma of Simply Woman magazine.

The featured image shows Diamonique 2 carat Heart Ring in Sterling Silver.

**QVC are a TV and online network of homewares and lifestyle products for men, women and children. See for more information, including listings for all their television channels.


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