Braun Launches The Tri Zone 3000 – A Teeth Cleaning Revolution!

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Now that the silly season is, sadly, over, why not start the New Year right by treating your gnashers to a healthier cleaning regime?
Oral B’s Tri Zone electric toothbrush has been described as a ‘cleaning revolution’ by consumers and dental professionals alike. The brush works by having a three-zone system with separate bristle areas.

It has 3 cleaning modes, sensitive, whitening, and daily clean which is the softest of the three. The battery is rechargeable and has a life of up to seven days. The brush possesses a digital timer and visual pressure indicator to make sure you aren’t brushing too hard and for too long, actions which may eventually damage your gumline.

The POWER TIP with its bristles angled forward and wide sweep reaches back teeth, STATIONARY BRISTLES clean tooth surfaces, and a set of WIDE SWEEPING BRISTLES move perpendicular to the manual brushing motion which ensures inter-dental spaced are thoroughly cleaned.

40,000 pulsations per minute means the Tri Zone removes up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. With seven years in the making, this is a serous instrument and a must have. Oral B has always been a pioneer in oral hygiene. They’re also the most recommended power oral care system by dentists worldwide. All of Oral B’s various replacement heads – Floss Action 3D white, Sensitive clean and Precision clean are compatible with the Tri Zone. The Tri Zone comes with a 2 year limited warranty. In the UK Oral B is distributed by Procter and Gamble. See for more information.

Here is our tester’s verdict… “This brush is a treat – easy to hold and operate…teeth visibly cleaner…was quite a fun experience and less work than I expected.” Having come from a manual toothbrush background, our tester now knows there’s better out there!

Trizone colours – currently aqua (featured), and limited edition fuschia pink. Buy from Boots, Amazon and other leading retailers. RRP £49.99 – £99.95.

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