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Lexi Proud and Keely Barrett are online dating gurus and founders of top dating website  The self confessed match makers and best friends, started their own website after Lexi appeared in the BBC series “Arrange Me a Marriage” in 2007.

Lexi says, “Online dating is all about getting to know someone outside of your normal circle of friends or people you work with. It’s a chance to meet someone that you will never meet in other ways. People are so busy that their spare time is spent with family and friends, which leaves little room for meeting someone special. Online dating opens up new lines of communication and for those who would never normally approach a possible person it can give them confidence”

Lexi and Keely have also started a campaign to “Get Britain Courting”, which aims to bring old fashioned romance back into dating. As part of the campaign, they have already gained support from some high profile admirers including Anthea Turner, Tim Lovejoy and Ben Clarke.

This campaign is also fast becoming a popular #tag trend on twitter.  Follow it with #getbritaincourting

They are full of great advice on how to maximise your chances of finding your ideal partner online, and below they have provided their top ten tips for successful online dating.

1.Never use adjectives such as shy, sexy, wild and lonely. These give off the wrong message and can typecast people.

2. In your profile, never state you have just come out of a long term relationship: people don’t want to feel like they are dating on the rebound – they want a new and exciting date.

3. Never put on a profile that you are fun, up for anything and easily pleased all in one sentence. Without stating the obvious, this could indicate that you’re happy with a one night stand.

4. If you want kids, you can come to that later on – remember your profile is to get you a first date.

5. Don’t say how long you have been on the site, this can make you look like you have been left on the shelf.

6. Be realistic – Set the limits of how far you would travel for a date – do you really want to drive 100 miles for a first date?

7.Be open minded – don’t only look for a 5ft 10, blonde woman or a tall, dark and handsome man.

8.  Do not rant and moan – This is your space to sell yourself, not air your failures and concerns.  Avoid sentences like “I am a shy single mum. I find it pretty hard to meet new people but desperately want to find the one”.

9. Interests and hobbies – Think about popular topics you would normally discuss. Such as the music, films and TV shows you like. Mention these on your profile to give your admirers something unthreatening to comment on. Popular topics also provoke fun and friendly chat on a first date.  Do not, however, only focus on one popular topic, like your favourite football team, it can make you seem obsessive or boring.

10. Include an up-to-date photo. Everyone knows it is vital to include a photo, but do not pick one from ten years ago – you don’t want to disappoint on your first date!


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