Be you in business, nobody does it better

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For the next few minutes let’s speak about being you in business. When I say this you might get a bit confused.  Be me? Of course I am me. But time and time again I see my clients find it difficult to be themselves in business.

They water down their personalities so they become a kind of beige colour in all of their communication.  Here’s a little tip: No-one remembers beige!!

So, for the sake of your business here are 3 reasons why you should be you in business.

1)      Having split personality takes too much energy

Starting up a business takes a lot of energy!   And if you are starting up your business with a full time job and a family as well then it takes up even more energy.  

So, why waste your precious reserves on trying to be two people?  To have a work Nadia and a home Nadia just doesn’t make sense to me.  Especially when most of the people I work with I consider friends as well.  

When we are constantly worrying whether our behaviour is appropriate for this particular occasion we are not thinking about doing the best job for the person who is right there in front of us.

If you feel the need to start singing “I believe I can fly” in order to inspire your client – I say go for it!!  If you want to wear a big cosy jumper instead of a formal shirt for a Skype call go right ahead.  

There is no need to water your personality down until it’s so unrecognisable you become forgettable.

2)      All of your work gets a unique “awesome you filter”

The more you are yourself the more that this reflects into all of the work that you carry out for your business.   There are loads of people out there doing the same thing – don’t worry. Everything you create should have a you filtered lens.  You are completely unique.

As Chesney Hawks puts it “I am the one and only nobody I’d rather be”.   The more that you can apply your unique self to everything you do the more that your work will shine and bring in the clients that you truly want to work with.   

As a business coach many of my clients are worried that there market is full of people that do the exact same thing as them.  

Well, no-else is you & also doing the exact same thing as you.  So there is plenty of room for everyone.  

The more you become yourself in your work, the more original and unique you and your service or product becomes in the market.  It’s a win, win situation.  You have more fun, and you make more money!

3)      You will find your perfect customers

If you try to appeal to everyone, unfortunately it means you don’t appeal to anyone.

People that resonate with your style and your personality. We all want to be surrounded with people who enjoy our company right.  Well the one way to make sure that happens is to shine so bright that your perfect customers won’t be able to miss you.

I hope this has convinced you to release that authentic self into the wild! For more tips check out my business podcast.  Nadia Finer is a business coach specialising in strategy and support for female entrepreneurs. She helps women like you to step into their own unique awesomeness and GO BIG IN BUSINESS.  

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