Organising a Charity Event? 6 Things Not to Forget

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Organising an event is a bigger challenge than many people first think… something you’ve recently found out if you’ve started pulling together things like the music, the entertainment and the guest list! To help you throw the best charity event without a hitch, here are six things we think you really ought not to forget…


  1. The fact you’re hosting a charity event

It might sound like an obvious thing to point out, but remember you’re throwing a charity event! Mention it to every single supplier you speak to: the venue, the caterers, the technicians, the cleaners and everyone else might be prepared to offer you a discount if they know the event is for a good cause. This will make your budget go further than it otherwise would, leaving you with more wriggle room for contingency or extra flourishes!


  1. You might need to comply with regulations

The law states that you need to carry out a risk assessment of your event, and put measures in place to overcome the hazards you’ve identified. Don’t forget to assess risks for guests with disabilities: disabled access and emergency exits must be maintained throughout the event. Also, if you’re collecting money on the day of the event, you’ll probably need to obtain a license from your local authority – something you need to get organised well ahead of time.


  1. Organise a celebrity speaker

Celebrities are a great way of getting people through the door and opening their wallets. So, to throw a great charity event, think carefully about who you could hire to present an award or give a speech. If it’s possible, try to recruit the brand ambassador for the charity you’re raising money for, and if that’s not possible, research the celebrity you do hire first to make sure their values and reputation align with the charity’s! You can hire a celebrity from Speakers Corner, so check out the website and see if any are the right fit for your event.


  1. Set up a fundraising page

It’s likely that many of the guests you invite won’t be able to attend. And, there’ll be plenty of people who’d love to attend but you haven’t invited. So, cater to both audiences by setting up a fundraising page – it will give you a chance to raise money for the charity before, during and after the event, and – crucially – give the guests who weren’t able to attend an opportunity to contribute.


  1. Promote, promote, promote!

Utilise all forms of marketing – traditional PR combined with digital marketing (social media and emails for instance) is likely to engage the biggest audience and create a real buzz. And, in the days leading up to the event, invite local newspapers to attend and ask if they’d like to report on the event – it will earn you good coverage and encourage readers to visit your fundraising page.


  1. Thank your guests

It’s often overlooked (after all, there’s so much to think about when organising an event), but make sure that you thank all of the guests for attending. It’s just as important to let everyone know how much was raised: publish this on social media so that people who didn’t attend get to find out, and make sure you extend thanks to everyone who donated gifts or services to the event.

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