Best Pets for Frequent Travellers

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Whether the need to travel is professional or personal, it is something that you will have to consider before getting a pet. Not only will you have to arrange for someone to feed, clean, and look after your pet while you are gone, but it is imperative that you choose a species that’s comfortable staying on their own. On that note, here are the best pets that even frequent travelers can consider adopting.


Irrespective of whether you have a Persian or a British Shorthair, cats are incredibly independent by nature. Unlike most domesticated dogs, they neither need help to relieve themselves nor do they need a human partner to get their daily exercise sessions in. This essentially makes the cat a perfect pet for people who have to travel a lot. You will still need someone to come in from time to time for feeding and cleaning purposes while you are not there though, or you can leave him/her with a friend or relative who loves cats.

Certain Bird Species

We are talking about certain types of birds, like a couple of lovebirds or a pair of budgies, and not big, intelligent birds like the Cockatoo or the African Grey Parrot. In fact, to decide which would be the right bird species for you, visit, where they have detailed info regarding various kinds of pet birds and how everyone can choose the species that’s right for them and their situation. Basically, though, lovebirds, budgies and a few other smaller species (in pairs) are the easiest to take care of when you are not there.


Now, cleaning a fish tank or even a small bowl is somewhat tricky and unless the person in charge of feeding and cleaning the fish knows what he/she is doing, it can be dangerous for the fish. Nevertheless, getting a small fish tank or bowl might be perfect if you are a frequent traveler because most fish require little to no human attention, other than the cleaning and feeding, of course.

The Hermit Crab

In spite of what the chefs might tell you about boiling crabs alive, they are a beautiful species of animals that have been scientifically proven to have feelings. A lot of people have also discovered that they make excellent pets that need little to no human attention, but are fascinating to watch at the same time. Just make sure that the following are taken care of before leaving on your trip.

  • 70-percent+ humidity and 75-degree+ Fahrenheit temperature within the sand tank

  • Sufficient shells for them to move in and out of

  • Daily supply of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.

While the animals on this list make great partly-independent pets, you should understand that no pet is truly independent; if they were, they would not be your pets anymore! You will always need to rely a bit on someone or some facility to take care of them while you are gone, so your decision to adopt something should be based on that knowledge.

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