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In a market filled with “mother earth” type organics and “fun/fruity” naturals – Bodhi spotted a gap in the market for a sophisticated, refined product that still adhered to the principles of ethical skincare.  Their products are are naturally free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, propylene glycol, PABA, palm oil, mineral oil, paraffin, petrochemicals, DEA, synthetic colours or fragrances and animal ingredients.  What they DO contain is high grade essential oils from sustainable origins, packaging from recycled sources and all products are made on British soil.

Bodhi uses a world of plant based material to create very unique and indulgent products.  If their product contains Rose damask you can be sure it contains the best quality ingredients from sustainable sources in quantities that you can actually enjoy and benefit from.

Their range of fragrances appeals to everyone – men and women.  For too long the organic market alienated men by focusing on ingredients such as lavender, geranium, rose and other florals and botanicals.  Let’s be honest – most men don’t want to smell like their grandmothers!  Elijah Choo is the founder of Bodhi and he himself felt disappointed by the range of organics available to men.  With the range he created – men can enjoy fragrances like Black Pepper (Pep Noir), Galangal/Cardamom & Keffir Lime leaf and Peppermint based Mint The.

Ladies – all the fragrances are designed to be unisex but if you like your florals – there’s Jasmine Falls, Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa which contains rose and geranium.  These won’t leave you smelling like grandma as the added ingredients are things like pink peppercorn, vetiver, and palmarosa (a citrusy fragrance) to give them an edgier fragrance with a wider appeal.

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Bodhi’s products are designed to be indulgent but also theraputic – aromatherapy oils have been used for centuries to enhance mood and when diluted, repair skin and revive senses.  Their Shower Therapy products are designed to benefit the skin as well as the senses and are a pleasure to use.  Nothing too foamy or harsh about the application – skin feels nourished and soothed and you come out of the shower feeling that little happier/relaxed/enlivened (depending on which fragrance you went for!)  Jasmine – for example can be a quite pungent flower – in perfumes it has indolic qualities (slighty urine-like, sweet and pungent) which can often put people off – but the essential oils here mixed with the complimentary ingredients creates a much softer approach – it smells like a garden of jasmine on a warm summer afternoon.

Bodhi is a brand worth getting to know – at the moment they focus on shower and lotions – doing what they do best – brilliantly!  Now they have created a following and a name for themselves, they will use what they have learnt to create another beautiful skin product based on Rose Damask.  When we have more information we will let you know!

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