Bring Luxury Into Your Home With 5 Simple Steps

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“Home is where the heart is” as they say and your house should always be somewhere that you take great pride in. It should be a luxurious haven that where you can completely unwind and feel relaxed so that you look forward to returning each day after a long day at work. One of the best ways to make ensure this is to lavish some luxuries on your home. There are many different ways to do this, and these methods do not always have to break the bank, as you might think! Here are five simple steps how any homeowner can bring a little boutique luxury into their home.


Smell is an incredibly powerful sense which can have an enormous impact on our mood. Luxury home fragrances can be a superb way to bring an inviting, cosy and sophisticated atmosphere into your home. Artisan Perfumery Houses like carry a wide range of luxury home fragrances in the form of natural reed diffusers, scented candles, perfume room sprays, fragranced botanicals, pillow or linen sprays and more.


Lighting is a key aspect when it comes to interior design, as cleverly used lighting can make any room look stylish, inviting and luxurious. Elegant lamps, recessed lighting in the floor or wall tiles, fairy lighting and pendant lights can all transform a room and add a sense of luxury.

Also consider lightning as an art form or signage.  We’ve all seen the cute neon signs in people’s instagram accounts with novelty or quotes – but one of my favourites is the follow the call of the disco ball neon sign.  Do you know someone who would love this in their house – and where might you put it for maximum impact?  In your kitchen disco perhaps? Or your bedroom next to your dressing table.  Use lighting in the form of signage to bring an energy into the room.

Do not forget the importance of natural light too! Have as much sunshine as possible cascading through for a bright, airy and fresh feel throughout the day.


The flooring is often overlooked when it comes to interior design even though it is the first thing that is noticed when you enter a room. Hardwood flooring or stone floor tiles with stylish rugs can look highly luxurious depending on your interior design style and help to create a good base for decorating.


Art can add interest, style and luxury to any room and, unlike what many think, it does not always have to cost a fortune as there are plenty of places to pick up an affordable but beautiful piece of artwork. What works best will depend on your own taste and the interior design style of the room, but an interesting piece that you enjoy looking at can have a huge impact. You could also experiment with different types of artwork – paintings, ornaments, sculptures and black and white photography are all classy options.


A terrific tip to achieve a stylish and luxurious interior without spending a fortune is to experiment with a range of textures and finishes when it comes to fabric. This will create a contrasting look while adding comfort when you opt for comfy materials for cushions, curtains and any soft furnishings.

Adding luxury into your home can be simple, straightforward and affordable with these steps. It could transform your entire house and make it somewhere that you love spending time, not to mention that it is sure to impress any friends or family that you invite round.

A home should always be somewhere that you take pride in and there is no better way to achieve this than by adding a touch of luxury throughout, especially when these are multi-sensorial treats.

Pro Tip: Think ‘nose’, ‘touch’ and ‘eyes’ when shopping for accessories.

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