5 ideas to brighten up your conservatory this autumn

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If your home includes a conservatory, then you can probably already vouch for many benefits which this amalgam of glass and frame can bring to a residence. The abundance of natural light which the structure allows to shine into the home is an obvious plus point, but what about in autumn?

Sadly, as the leaves grow crisper and the sun disappears behind the clouds, your conservatory could start looking as murky as your mood. Why not counter that effect with the following tips?

Create something of a conservatory-based living room

You don’t have to leave your conservatory simply looking like an attachment to your home. In fact, you could convert its interior to make it look like an open-plan living space.

The Ideal Home website shows how this can work. While light-coloured furniture and wooden flooring can increase the visual warmth, these elements can work especially well in combination with a roof lantern that allows more light to flood into the space.

Make your garden’s backdrop a feature

Polar Bear Windows is one example of a company capable of fitting a roof lantern to an existing conservatory, with this company serving the Bristol and Bath areas. The same company can also provide a complete conservatory which you could tailor to cultivate a “garden room” style.

This isn’t as tricky a task as you might think. You could deliberately leave the windows undressed to blur the aesthetic distinction between the conservatory itself and the rural beauty nearby.

Keep the fabrics looking neutral

A conservatory can feel naturally soothing, as you might have noticed yourself on many visits to your conservatory. Indeed, in acting on our suggestion to turn its interior space into a living room of sorts, you might have inadvertently strengthened this feeling through adding a sofa and cushions.

However, where possible, decorate with neutral fabrics. This strategy can lighten the overall look – potentially a godsend when autumn threatens to envelop your conservatory in darkness.

Add a lick of Gallic

The French are still basking in the glory of winning the World Cup – but, even long before they placed a single hand on that trophy, it has often seemed fashionable to be French.

Our Gallic cousins can also prove a surprising source of inspiration for brightening up a conservatory. You could add wooden flooring and white elements – like white-painted furniture, as Ideal Home suggests – to your own conservatory to create the look of a French-style tea room or country house.

Give the space a more tropical appearance

Your conservatory might comprise expanses of glass affording you a panoramic view of the outside, but Britain’s scenery isn’t exactly on a par with Hawaii’s even during summer. Harsh, but true.

For this reason, you could see the appeal of covering rattan furniture with orchid shade prints inside the conservatory. You could also draw attention to the windows by putting up blinds in a colourful leaf pattern. As for the finishing touch, adding leafy lush green plants can do the trick.


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