Building Your Own Business: A Beginners Guide

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The busy, fast-paced business world can often feel like a difficult and challenging area, full of competition and deadlines, no matter the industry or sector where you work. Whether this corporate atmosphere is no longer for you, you want to revitalise your work prospects, or you want to fit your working life around family commitments, we are in a period where starting your own business has never been easier. With a winning idea, the determination, motivation and drive, you can build a profitable, successful business wherever you are.

Invest In Your Skills

Whether you are looking to sell your own range of delicious treats or you have a flair for writing effective website copy, there’s no such thing as too much knowledge. It’s vital that you take steps to continue learning. There is a variety of ways to expand your knowledge and skill set, with one such way being returning to formal education. This could be in the form of studying towards a degree in business, marketing or information technology, or it could be returning to college to learn something entirely new, such as a language. In today’s technology-focused world, it’s wise to invest in a new range of digital skills because the tech we use daily is evolving and developing every year and it certainly pays to stay above these trends.

Create A Business-Winning Website

Your website will be your online identity; it’s the place where clients and customers alike will visit to learn all they can about who you are and what you do, and why they should work with you. What will turn profit away, however, is a slow, unresponsive website, which is hard to navigate and doesn’t answer vital questions. With 60% of web users now searching from their smartphone and other mobile devices, it’s crucial that your website can perform well on all platforms. Setting up your own site is relatively simple, but it is worthwhile to discuss your needs with a designer and developer to ensure you nail your winning website the first time.


Market Yourself

Unfortunately, if you don’t invest serious time into getting the word out about your new venture, how will potential clients and consumers find you, especially online? With new brands and businesses launching at an incredible rate daily, you have to make your mark on the worldwide web and get yourself heard as early as possible. It means reaching maximum exposure online and using a wide variety of techniques and methods, including search engine optimisation and PPC. The marketing world can seem an impossible task to handle, but handing control of your marketing strategies to a digital agency such as Click Intelligence can lighten your load.

Network Effectively

In business, connections and relationships matter, and they matter a lot. In fact, the breakdown of an important relationship between supplier and client can be the difference between fulfilling orders and satisfying customers, and disappointing paying customers who will then take their business elsewhere. Therefore, build your business on solid foundations and cultivate professional relationships from the beginning. Take to social media sites such as LinkedIn to connect with other entrepreneurs to gain their valuable advice as you are setting up and attend events to meet people in various industries who can each teach you something worthwhile.

Stepping away from formal employment and starting a business venture on your own can be a tough, scary road, but with the right mix of determination, talent, education, online presence and motivation, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

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