How a Stay-At-Home Parent Can Still Make Money

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In the decades since women made a big push into the workforce, their families have struggled with the trade-off. How do we get everything done at home while still bringing in enough money to do the things we want to do?

The issue has become a little more challenging as we’ve found ways to simplify daily work around the house. Now that online grocery ordering, prefabricated meals, and lots of other conveniences have streamlined home duties, the work gets done a lot faster. When a stay-at-home parent has most of the cooking, cleaning, and kid transport finished by noon, it’s a lost earning opportunity to just stay home the rest of the day.

That doesn’t have to be the case. There are a number of ways that you can stay at home as needed while still earning some money during those times when everything is caught up and the bus isn’t due yet. Exploring these can give you some good ideas on how you might be able to beef up your bank account without sacrificing your availability for the family.

In-Home Businesses

There’s no time lost going to work when the work comes to you, so consider some options for a home-based business. Many cosmetologists create a salon in a basement or spare bedroom. Some people do tax returns for a few weeks each spring. You can complete a training course in massage, find a good massage table, and see clients during limited hours each week. There are many choices for doing this.

Of course, there are some things to keep in mind. You need to be careful to track your expenses and the use of your space for IRS purposes, and you might want to check with your insurance agent to review your liability coverage for clients who may fall and get injured at your home.

Online Opportunities

This is often the first thing people think of, and there are lots of reputable ways to earn money online. The great thing about it is that you can utilize almost any talent or experience you have to generate some extra revenue.

Better still is the minimal cost of getting started. The only real requirements are a base of knowledge, a good computer, and a fast internet connection. A quick personal inventory will determine what you should be pursuing, and you will already know how good your computer is. Just do an online speed check and you’re finished. Once those are in place, you can begin to investigate your choices for how to get started.


Sometimes you don’t have to find freelance work online. You can actually build a new career through telecommuting. Many companies have personnel who work full- and part-time exclusively from home. This arrangement has lots of benefits over doing the exact same work in person.

First, you have no commuting expenses. You walk to the computer and your commute is done. That eliminates concerns like car trouble, snowy roads, and even illnesses that make you stay away from co-workers. It also simplifies things like waiting for your kids, a delivery, or a home repair technician. When you telecommute, the cable installer can come anytime between noon and 4:00 without being a problem.

Staying at home is a big decision, and there are unique benefits in it for everybody. One of the most common is always whether you can manage to achieve your financial goals while still keeping up with all the duties of kids and a home. With so many new ways to earn money at home, that component of the decision is much easier to handle today, because those random and unpredictable hours of available time can turn into earning hours. With some extra money coming in, you can really have the best of both worlds.


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