Can Dr Ceuticals get you “swimsuit ready?”

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My first thought with the Dr Ceuticals products was that surely they are all made from pretty much the same ingredients – I’m sure the leg one can be used on the arms, tummy legs and vice versa?

Turns out each one has different, specialised ingredients in them to target the specific concerns.  Two areas that feature heavily in lack of swimsuit confidence are ARMS and TUMMIES.


Firm & Sculpt Arm Gel

This one contains high levels of a plant extract that has been known to reinforce collagen synthesis and give back tone to the skin.  An easy to use gel that absorbs quickly – it does require giving it at least 3 months of every day application to see results.  I can’t even remember to take vitamins every day.  But we shall try and see how we get along!

Dr Ceuticals

Tummy Tone

The Tummy Tone one is a bit of a holy grail product.  Don’t expect miracles if you are an apple shape with a tyre round your waist.  This will work best on girls who can pinch an inch or less of “cuddly bits” It contains brown seaweed which is supposed to be good for slimming and it says it will act directly on the cause of stored fat – although this is interesting as there are many debates as to the cause of stored fat, especially tummy fat – such as high cortisol levels, genes, over-carbing, eating too much fat, eating too little good fats.

Available from leading Boots stores

The Swimsuit

This beautiful one piece swimsuit from Zoggs is ideal for a fuller figure.  It has standard straps, which are far better on large boobs as they support much better and the swimsuit isn’t cut very high on the leg, allowing for a more flattering look around that area.  It will hide unconfident tummies and saddle bags so why not try one out for yourself?

Zoggs also do a great range of “sporty” swimwear and pretty tankinis


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