Rituals – The Skincare Range

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Rituals are already well known for their gorgeous bath and body products in spa style collections but did you know Rituals also do skincare?  We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to find out more about this lovely range, the natural ingredients used and the suitability for different skin types.


Out of the cleansing range we tried the toner, a refreshing concoction of lotus flower and moringa extract (excellent at rejuvenating skin and packed with anti-oxidants)  Unusually it comes in a pump applicator which squirts rather than mists – but since it was going on a cotton pad we weren’t that bothered.  If you prefer to spray your toner direct onto your face you may have to change your method.   The fragrance is very lightly floral – tying in carefully to their bath/body care lines to continue the spa experience onto your face.

The moisturisers

Rituals have created an excellent range for every skin type; sensitive, aging, dry and some specifically targeting wrinkles.  We tried the Active Moisture Lotion which contained extracts of white tea – a potent anti-oxidant in amongst the skin re-hydrating ingredients.  It’s soft and gentle and easily absorbed so it ticks most of the boxes!  If you want something more specialised such as the Skin Energy Serum you could add this in before moisturising as it will add radiance to the skin.

Other gorgeous goodies we love!

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