Christmas Cheer From Virgin Wines

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Once again Simply Woman delight in bringing you recommendations for Christmas drinking from the Virgin Wines brand. There’s something for everybody so have fun choosing!

Left to right in picture – The whites
16 Little Black Pigs Pinot Grigio 2014 12.5% abv
This Australian white is very dry and crisp with a clean of hints of lemon and green apple. Drink on its own or with white fish dishes. Will keep until end 2016. £8.99

The Devil’s Peak Limited Edition Chenin Blanc 2014 13.5% abv
A fragrantly bouqueted white from South Africa. The bouquet hints at butter, over ripe pear and citrus, contrasting with a wonderfully dry palate. Drink alone, or with fish and pork dishes. £8.99

Florentyne Reserve Margaret River Riesling 2012 12% abv
Lime and apple are immediately obvious on the nose of this Australian white, and this fragrance gives way to aromatic passion fruit and lychee. Deceptively sweet this wine is in fact dry. Strictly to be enjoyed on its own. £7.99

The Reds
Dragon Hills Pinot Noir 2013 abv 12.5%
This Romanian red radiates a ripe red cherry and tobacco bouquet. Red berries abound on the palate and are greedily prolonged in the velvety long finish. Great with red meat or ‘heavy’ poultry, such as duck and goose. A soft and juicy red. £8.99

Star & Vine Lodi Shiraz 2013 abv 14.5%
A Californian wine heavyweight in structure. The nose is robust and hints of dark red fruit. Vanilla edged notes and hints of spice dance on the palate. Described as soft and juicy. £9.99

Palazzo del Mare Nero d’Avola 2013
The Nero D’Avola grape lends spice, liquorice and smoke to this full and fruity red. Pairing with a wide variety of meat dishes will enhance this wine. £8.99

Virgin Wines facts
Virgin Wines sell one case of wine a minute, and offers subscribers discounts off typical household goods. See for daily deals, wine bundles, wine tastings and more.

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