Coravin Wine Access System Keeps Your Favourite Vintages Fresh

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Coravin is an innovative wine access system* that allows the drinker to extract the amount of wine they need, leaving the remainder in the bottle for drinking at a later date. This discrete system allows the wine to age naturally thereby eliminating that soured taste you get when wine has been exposed to air (oxidation).

Benefits include the following: – wine conservation, so economy on the pocket. Coravin also conserves expensive wines allowing you to enjoy them by the glass, over a longer period. Winemakers can monitor wines as they age since you can dip into the bottle without interfering with the fermentation process.

So how does this system work? The Coravin Wine Access System looks like a microscope with a clamp at the base to hold you bottle in place. Insert the bottle under the head where a thin, non-coring, medical grade needle passes through the cork to access and pour the wine, leaving the cork intact. When the needle is removed, an argon gas canister attached to the system seals the cork under pressure, so it continues to protect the wine. This means that even months afterward you can enjoy wine that is no different in taste or performance to when it was first opened.

* Greg Lambrecht, founder of Coravin™ Inc. developed the Coravin Wine Access system from the prototype in 2003 into the advanced system of today. No doubt his background in mechanical engineering and medical services played a part in the process. His system allowed him to enjoy wines in reduced volume due to his wife’s pregnancy at the time. Read more about Coravin including how-to-use tutorials, prices and stockist information (here)

Coravin wine systems and wine accessories will be installed in Social Wine and Tapas Bar when it launches in Marylebone, London this June.

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