Happy Animals Chocolate Easter From Lindor

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Lindt’s Easter magic this year sees cheerful themed animals joining the trademark Gold Bunny. These themed animals are individual pieces made by handpicked Master Chocolatiers. Adds fun to the children’s Easter egg hunt. Great for adults too!



Lindor Luxury Mini Eggs assortment (115g). This collection of Lindt favourites in miniature-sized eggs is sure to delight. Find milk, coconut, Stracciatella, and strawberries and cream chocolate eggs. Presented in a spring green box. RRP £3.99.

Lindt Little Chicks are ideal treats of milk chocolate over a creamy white filling. Find 18 chicks per 100g pack. Foil wrapped with chick design on front. RRP £3.69

Lindt Little Lambs are delicious milk chocolate pieces wrapped in foil. Five lambs per 50g pack RRP £2.59

Lindt Easter Fun Bugs and Bees are perfect segments of milk chocolate filled with chocolate hazelnut cream and crisped rice. A great alternative to the traditional chocolate egg. Wrapped in colourful printed foil. 50g for five pieces. RRP £2.59

LINDT EASTER ANIMALS - top to bottom - chicks, lambs, bugs n bees

LINDT EASTER ANIMALS – top to bottom – chicks, lambs, bugs and bees

Last but not least the Lindt Gold Bunny (100g) showcases all the chocolate types. Find white and dark chocolate in 100g size, and milk chocolate in a cute 50g mini. They come wrapped in gold foil and with a trademark ribbon and bell around the neck – see featured image. RRP £1.59 – £2.99.

Available from all good supermarkets, and online at http://www.lindt.co.uk/

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