Darker Skins Love Murad Anti Ageing Products Too!

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More cosmetics and beauty brands are addressing the skin concerns of women of colour (WOC). Though it’s well documented that the higher pigmentation levels in darker skins aid youthful appearances into later life, thinking that WOC don’t need any sun and elemental protection is a myth. For while we tolerate sun better or appear wrinkle free for longer, underneath the dermis, after a certain age, other skin and ageing concerns converge. All skins lose around 1% of collagen elasticity per year after the age of 25, and skin membranes weaken so are less able to retain water. Additionally with winter approaching, heat from central heating systems can leave skin looking ashy and feeling dry. WOC are particularly prone to this.

Hormonal changes that affect older women can also cause spots – WOC are more prone to hyper pigmentation and scarring from spots. Below are two products that can work with the natural anti ageing components found in darker skins.

1)      Murad’s Environmental Shield Day Regime – the vitamin C contained in this top anti ageing formulation is 50 times more stable than any other products on the market so works on the skin for longer. One week of application will result in visibly brighter skin.

MURAD DAILY RENEWAL C COMPLEX2)      Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex – corrects severe photo damage, and contains a high level SPF. This is particularly effective for 30-plus aged skin. Brightens the complexion.

In addition to the above, Murad products include rejuvenating facials and glycolic pigmentation peels, which can reduce pigmentation problems (common in darker skins) and blotchiness.

MURAD are appearing in John Lewis, House of Fraser and Debenhams. Friendly consultants will advise you on your skin type (they may perform a detailed skin scan) and beauty care.

Murad are working towards younger looking skin for everybody. Read more about them and their products at www.murad.co.uk

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