Gymnast – what lies beyond the glamour. Short film

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An Olympic Gymnast requires balance, elegance, power, remarkable courage and an attention to detail.   Fashion film director Glen MacKay felt compelled to pay homage to the gymnast.
He teamed up with Greece’s most successful female gymnast Vasiliki Millousi and the result is exquisite.
Greece is the birthpace of the Olympics and the country to invent gymnastics. So, it was a fitting location for such a tribute.
Some of Greece’s leading Haute Couture designers such as Laskaris Couture and Vassilios Kostetsos teamed with emerging designers Lila Nova and Chotronette to provide the outfits. The result is a four and a half minute visual treat.
‘Gymnast’ is showing in film festivals around the World but if you can’t get to a cinema to see it, Simply Woman Magazine offers you the chance to watch ‘Gymnast’ below..

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