One woman’s challenge to design the right packaging for her brand!

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Ruth Dent wanted to create an exciting experience for her collectors when they received their purchase.  As this would be though the post, she wanted to make receiving the scarf a special occasion.  After all, the scarves are works of art, a treasure to keep, and as such a gift for oneself or a gift for a special friend.
Wanting something different which contained elements of the ‘hand of creation’ and fitted her brand with its ‘Travels with my scarf’ strapline, she could find nothing suitable.  That’s when she hit upon the idea of creating an envelope, to wrap the scarf, postcards and welcome letter, tying it with ribbon threaded with the signed, limited edition label.  This had to be sized to fit into a standard, almost indestructible envelope, to survive the post.
Initially creating mock-ups, Ruth finally chose blotting paper, which she found to be robust, folded well, held its shape, is a warm white and screen-prints well – all of which were important factors.  And she found a white ‘posting’ envelope, which ticked all the boxes!
And that’s how Ruth came to design and print her own packaging.  It’s easy to change the print colours to match the colour of her logo on a particular scarf, so the overall effect is elegant and inspired.  This delights her collectors, one of whom wrote:
“Just been to the post office to collect a parcel. I thought it was just Amy’s party dress for Friday so I could barely contain myself when I saw the other package with your logo on it.  I’m thrilled. The whole thing was beautifully presented and well worth all the attention to detail.  Opening the package through all the beautiful layers with all the colour co-ordinated ribbons etc was nearly as much fun as putting the scarf on for the first time.  You are very talented and I will wear your creativity with pride and joy.”
At the moment Ruth has five scarves; four in the Te Deum Seasons series, inspired by music, plus the Voyage Out Centenary Scarf, celebrating the publication of Virginia Woolf’s first novel, The Voyage Out.  Going forward, Ruth will be releasing more scarves and these will follow her journey as an artist.

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