Home cuisine will beat haute cuisine this Valentine’s Day

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Laid-back Brits cite convenience, home-cooking and comfy clothes as the top ingredients for the perfect date this Valentine’s:




·         The majority of us will shun restaurants in favour of home cooking – and to avoid the hassle of leaving the house


·         Traditional ‘safe’ options – such as steak and chocolate fudge cake – will curry favour over more complicated, exotic cuisine


·         One in four of us say that ditching glad rags to don comfy couch clothes is the best bit about staying in with 22 per cent opting for a picnic in bed




The majority of Brits will go back to basics this Valentine’s Day, opting for simple, stay-at-home dates with comfort food and comfy clothes, according to new research released today by Sainsbury’s.




The research reveals that more than half of UK adults (53%) will choose a romantic night in with their partner this year rather than travel to a lavish restaurant. The majority will enjoy good home cooking (35%) with one in ten simply ordering a takeaway (10%).




The findings suggest convenience plays a major role in deciding what couples do on Valentine’s Day. While one in three (36%) recognise the romance of being cooked a romantic meal at home by their partner, almost as many (35%) cite not having to travel as their top reason to dine in. For one in four (23%), the chance to chill out in comfy couch clothes is one that’s too appealing to miss.




Comfort and convenience far outweigh cost this Valentine’s Day, despite the economic climate: only 25 per cent of Brits say cost will be a factor in why they’ll choose to stay at home.




With home cooking set to beat haute cuisine this year, the research also reveals the top choices for couple’s home cooking. Steak followed by chocolate fudge cake (38%) is the top menu of choice, taking precedence over more traditional fine foreign foods of love, including both Italian (34%) and French (29%) cuisine. A picnic in bed also ranked highly with 22 per cent stating it as their romantic meal of choice.




Judith Batchelar, Director of Sainsbury’s Brand, said: “It seems there’s a return to simple pleasures this Valentine’s Day, rather than the pressure of more formal plans. UK couples look set to enjoy each other’s company and some good home cooked food. At Sainsbury’s we’ve got some of the best quality products to help make Valentine’s Day special.”




To help those who are planning on a night at home this Valentine’s, Sainsbury’s is offering a Taste the Difference Valentine’s Day wine and dine deal from the 8th -14th February. The offer includes a main, side, dessert & wine for 2 people for just £10.


The Valentine’s Day wine and dine offer reflects Sainsbury’s promise to help customers Live Well for Less, a commitment to enable shoppers to bag the best deals on their everyday staples, without compromising on quality.




Sainsbury’s Cupid’s Checklist:





Britain’s most romantic dishes



Steak followed by chocolate fudge cake



Italian feast



Traditional French gourmet cuisine



Picnic in bed



Traditional roast followed by apple crumble






Britain’s most romantic products

















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